Too Faced & Jackie Aina Are Teaming Up For An Unexpected Collab

by Kali Borovic
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that, unless specifically tailor for people of color, there are often more light shades available in makeup lines than deep. Well, that's all about to change — at least for one makeup brand. According to her social media announcement, Jackie Aina is teaming up with Too Faced to help them become more inclusive with their shades. Basically, it's the collaboration the makeup world has been waiting for, and they didn't even know it.

As of right now, Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation Collection has 24 shades. The hues range from Swan, their lightest with neutral undertone, to Cocoa, deepest with neutral undertones. Get ready to be excited, because it looks like the range is about to get even bigger. Jackie Aina posted a birthday-social media announcement saying that she's teaming up with Too Faced to expand the shade range of the Born This Way Foundation line, which she calls her dream.

"I'm so glad that all of the awareness we've created about INCLUSIVENESS is finally being heard and I get curate these new shades from the FORMULA all the way to the shade names that will be available to all of you in the near future!!!," Aina's Caption reads. "This is literally one of my dreams! And it couldn't have happened without all of you."

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Too Faced Jerrod Blandino also posted the announcement photo on his Instagram. Although Aina's photo says that she will be helping with the Born This Way Foundation, Blandino's says she will be helping with the entire line and that shades will be available soon.

"I've been dying to tell you all that the one and only Miss Jackie Aina will be helping us create new shades of Born This Way!," Blandino's caption reads. "This means the world to me, it's so important to me that everyone feels included and knows they're seen and loved; and this is the perfect partnership to do just that!"

Too Faced has added shades to their range before, but have never teamed up with an influencer to do so. There's no telling how many shades are coming or when, but this is definitely a great step to be more inclusive.