Too Faced Has A Gold Product On The Way & Fans Are Here For The Shiny

by Augusta Statz

The Too Faced brand is notorious for teasing makeup and creating a whole lot of hype within the beauty community. So, it should come as no surprise that they’ve already got some plans for spring 2018 in the works — and yes — they’re teasing them on Instagram. Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino teased a gold sparkly Too Faced product, and fans have some ideas about what this metallic magic could be.

The caption on Instagram read, “Gold is the new black! #Spring18,” so not many details were given about what this is exactly. Although, a video did give us a glimpse of the metallic formula. It appears thick, creamy and super duper shiny. So, one thing is for certain — no matter what this is, you’re going to love it. Because Too Faced never disappoints.

Some folks online think this could be an eye crème, gel liner or a metallic lippie. All of those seem like great guesses, and honestly, I’m not exactly sure which one it could be. But, a gel liner or crème shadow seems like the most reasonable, given the product's thickness, IMO. Bustle has reached out to the brand for more information. Stay tuned for further details and sneak peeks, because if I know Too Faced, there will definitely be more where this came from!

Ooh! This is truly mesmerizing.

Beauty blogger TrendMooD is predicting this may be a lippie. I'd be into that!

Other folks seem to think this could be an eye product.


Most people don't really care what it is. They just want to get their hands on it, ASAP. Honestly, I get that.


It could quite possibly be a metallic eye shadow or liquid lip.


Gel liners, perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine.


The bottom line is you're going to want to get this stuff (whatever it is) in your makeup bag as soon as spring 2018 rolls around.

2018 may seem far away, but don't worry. This brand's got plenty of beauty launches to look forward to between now and then.

Rest assured. They've always got something fabulous in the works, and clearly the next year will be no different — not if that golden goodness has anything to do with it! I'm off to go stare at it some more. Who's with me?