Too Faced Is Dropping One Of Its Biggest Eyeshadow Palettes EVER & It Has All New Shades

Clear a massive spot for a new eyeshadow palette in your makeup drawer — and we mean massive. Too Faced's Natural Lust Eye Shadow Palette will be one of the brand's biggest palettes yet, and it will feature all new shadow shades. So if you have been waiting for a reason to de-clutter your bathroom shelves, this big drop is it. Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced's Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, shared a sneak peak of the 30-pan palette on his personal Instagram, giving followers a glimpse of what is to come.

"#tfsneakypeek!! Take your natural look to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with my Natural Lust Eye Shadow Palette! 30 never-before-seen-lust-worthy shades," Blandino captioned underneath the product photo, displaying a spring-ready combination of matte and shimmer shades.

A "natural look" is traditionally associated with no-makeup makeup, where the wearer puts on colors that lightly accent the natural skin tone and enhance features in a subtle way. While there are plenty of peachy, champagne, taupe, and brown shades in the collection, there are also some wildcards colors, like a glittery aquamarine and a matte berry that will bring your subtle eye makeup game to "a whole new level," as promised.

In true Too Faced fashion, each of the shades have a cheeky name attached to them, playing off the whole "lustful" theme of the collection. You can expect colors like "Sex Drive," which is a metallic pink, "Temptation," which is a shimmery gold, "Silk Robe," which is a matte champagne, "Blindfolded," which is a matte black perfect for a smokey eye, and "DM Me," which is a matte taupe.

The palette comes in a square palette that is foiled in gold, along with a secret-garden-like scene on the cover, with luxurious peacocks and blooming peonies.

While no release date was given in the sneak peek, one can assume that the wait won't be too long, mainly because what Blandino shared was a snapshot of a finished palette. If followers were treated to swatches on a hand or test pigments, then it would possibly hint at a later 2019 release date, but this post was of a finished product.

The new Natural Lust eyeshadow palette is a followup to the brand's original Natural Love palette, which has since sold out since its launch in 2017. Also featuring 30 shades, it was meant to be the "ultimate neutral eye shadow collection," according to its product page.

The inspiration behind the palette was similar, where "Jerrod Blandino was inspired to put a modern spin on the natural eyes concept with 30 dream shades that allow you to create the best natural look," the brand shared on its site. The Natural Love palette was different, though, because it was created by Blandino by taking the most liked shades from past bestselling natural eye palettes and tweaking them with new textures and extra colors. The Natural Lust palette is meant to carry only new shades, so you won't be repeating shadows in your makeup collection.

The Natural Love palette cost $59, so the Natural Lust palette might clock in at around the same price point. Keep an eye on the brand's Instagram to see if any more leaks are shared, and ready your wallet in the meantime!