This New Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette Is Making Peaches Trendy AF

Make room in your makeup drawers people, because a new palette has just dropped and you're going to be hard pressed with talking yourself out of it. Too Faced's White Peach Palette just launched, and it's an extension of the brand's Peaches & Cream Collection which debuted in August 2017. The range is set to update every season, and this new palette is the first addition.

The first palette was the famous Sweet Peach Palette, which came with 18 different shades that spanned across shimmery clay hues and burgandies, mixed in with ornage-ish pinks. While part of the same range, the White Peach palette is a whole other beast. Coming with 12 different shadows, the shades span across four different finishes: shimmer, pearl, matte, and high glitter. While the original Sweet Peach palette focused on terracotta and orange toned shades, this new palette has a lighter and breezier color range.

Whereas the first palette was more warm toned and relied on different brown shades, the second installment is more cool toned and is focusing on the pink side of things. Specifically, you can see a gradient of sparkling peach hues, different shades of champagne, a medley of soft pinks, and deep plum shades across the palette, which were inspired by the colors of — you guessed it — white peaches.

Much like the first palette, this one comes with its own special scent. The White Peach shadows are infused with peach and sweet fig cream, giving off a light, sweet smell. The ingredients are meant to be packed with vitamins and antioxidants — which is a bonus for your skin! — and they give you a moisturized pigment blend. The velvety matte formula is very blendable and buildable, and its four different finishes give you a variety to play with.

And the best part is, you don't have to wait to get it. The White Peach palette is available at Sephora on Jan. 16 and at Too Faced on Jan. 17, meaning you can make it yours immediately.

The palette will costs similar to the Sweet Peach installment, clocking in at $45. (The Sweet Peach Palette was $49, to give you a price point reference.) Scrolling through Too Faced's announcement posts on Instagram, people are more than ready to make this palette part of their permanent collection.

"I neeeeed it," one follower wrote. "Dude, all those peach shades. I need them," another commented.

Since it just dropped there aren't too many swatch or makeup videos yet from our favorite YouTube gurus, but there are already a few circulating to help you decide if this palette is worth snapping up.

The first one is by Samantha Jane, who swatched the shades on her arm to see how the pastels looked on her golden skin tone, and then created three different eye looks (with a tutorial!) to give you an idea what kind of makeup looks you can create.

As she pointed out, over the fall and winter season we have been inundated with burgundy and orange eyeshadow palettes, so having one that's more about the light pinks and champagne shades is a nice refresh.

Megan Baldini also made a makeup tutorial, where she created "the perfect high tea makeup look" with her all-pink, glittery eyeshadow. Using the lightest pastels in the palette, she continued to layer on the different gradient shades of pink to create a smokey peach look.

If you have been looking to add more pink into your makeup collection, the White Peach palette is the perfect way to do it. Plus, a light peach smell never hurt anybody.