The Internet's Is Freaking Out Over These Jeans

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Topshop

Wearing your trendy hole-riddled jeans and staying warm at the same time can be easier said than done. Spring may be right around the corner, but it’s not here yet. So, what are fashionable folk who'd prefer not to freeze to do? Topshop’s got a solution for you — Clear Panel Mom Jeans that show off your knee skin while keeping it protected from the elements at the same time.

Personally, I’d rather brace the cold or throw on some cute tights underneath than go for covering up any open areas with some kind of vinyl covering but, hey, to each their own, right? Well… most of the online world seems to share a similar opinion. Ever since these jeans, which are going for $95 at Topshop and Nordstrom, first hit the web people on Twitter have had lots to say about them.

Most of the comments are basically just asking the fashion universe, “why do these exist?” And honestly, I don’t have a good answer to that question. Why buy denim with holes and then cover the holes with plastic? Either buy distressed denim or don’t. It seems that simple to me. One size of this denim is already out of stock on the Topshop website, though, so there are those who are brave enough to rock this look. What do you think? Would you want to pull these off? Here’s what the Internet has to say!

Courtesy Topshop

MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans, $95, Topshop

These just don't seem to make a whole lot of sense.

1. Loss For Words

You may need to take a minute to collect your thoughts after seeing these. It's totally understandable.

2. Having Fun

People online seem to be having a good time poking fun at these pants.

3. Good Idea

Are people thinking these jeans are a good idea? Well, umm, no. Not so much.

4. Take A Vote

Most folks would not support the wearing of these bottoms.

5. #EpicFail


6. Say What?

Come again?

7. Just Not That Into You

Sorry, clear panel mom jeans, people just aren't that into you.

8. Curtains Coming Soon

Curtains to cover these holes could be the next big accessory. #CantWait

9. Not Prepared

People just aren't ready for what Topshop's offering up RN.

10. Built For Cold Weather

Knee condensation is not a good look.

11. Now What?

First crocs, now this? What will the next fashion blunder be?

My guess is this definitely won't become the next denim trend. Not if the online world has anything to do with it.