Trader Joe's New Seltzer Flavors Will Make LaCroix Fans Say "New Seltzer, Who Dis?"

Seltzer water is the perfect guilt-free beverage if you're trying to kick your soda habit, but want the tingly carbonated sensation of popping open your favorite can. If you're tired of raiding Trader Joe's for the same old flavors of bubbly goodness, there are four new flavors of Trader Joe's seltzer to get excited about! Now, instead of grabbing the ordinary lime, raspberry lime, or mandarin orange you're used to, you can now load your cart with a flavors that will go perfectly with your summer cocktail.

You can now enjoy Trader Joe's Sparkling Spring Water in Grapefruit, Pineapple, Island Colada, and Cranberry Clementine. Per TJ's excellence, all of these tasty flavors inspire a perfect end-of-summertime vibe. But the descriptions give us a better taste of what to expect. Trader Joe's calls their new line of fruity flavors as pushing "fruity to the fringes." If that doesn't make you add a mental note to your sprawling grocery list, the flavors sound like you can enjoy these by the liter or add a splash to your favorite juice for more of a spritzer vibe.

Pineapple and Grapefruit deliver the punchy or "fragrant" flavors you've had before. But at 99 cents per liter, this is the cost-effective alternative to other competitive brands like LaCroix and Poland Spring.

Trader Joe's

Summer isn't quite over yet, and you can continue to reclaim that summertime vibe when you pick up TJ's Island Colada flavor. If you're thinking of your favorite of the signature summer frozen drink, you're on the right track. The national grocery chain says Island Colada pairs perfectly as a sparkling water, minus the alcohol. And finally, if you're looking for something a little tart, or a combo of berry and citrus flavor, Cranberry Clementine is the solution.

If you aren't excited at this point, you don't understand the magic that is Trader Joe's. And that's OK ... I guess. But all seltzer water fanatics understand what this means.

When you're cruising the aisles of your local Trader Joe's filling your cart with everything not on your list, trying one of these new flavors isn't a bad decision. n fact, try all of them and regret nothing lugging those few extra bottles into the house. You deserve light, fruity flavors at a low cost. You deserve to have a choice between citrus or sweet or both. You deserve the opportunity to try them all, mix them up with different flavored juices, or drink them all solo, because the sky's the limit. Go forth and flourish, seltzer water fanatics!