Trader Joe's Just Launched A Massive Cinnamon Roll Wreath That Serves Nine

Emma Lord/Bustle

Nobody does a seamless seasonal transition better than Trader Joe's. One week you walk in to find the store filled to with rustic, autumnal treats; the next it is peppermint central. This holiday season, TJ is channeling some breakfast favorites in their offerings. Reinvented hot cocoa has made more than one appearance (in sippable and non-sippable forms), but a creative line of pastries may just take the cake for best season's eatings. In particular, Trader Joe's Cinnamon Roll Wreath is an exceptionally gorgeous work of dessert art. It may deserve a spot in the Louvre, but a spot on your plate will do.

For brunch this winter, why make regular old cinnamon rolls when you you could make a wreath of them? Trader Joe's Cinnamon Roll Wreath takes nine individual rolls and bakes them together to give the appearance of the most classic Christmas decor. In the Trader Joe's online Fearless Flyer, the retailer explains the San Francisco Bay Area supplier that makes the store's frozen croissants is also behind this photo-worthy pastry. Further, "When you take it out of the box, it doesn’t look like much. This is one of the reasons we’re so enamored of this particular product. You see, after it rests on your kitchen counter for 6-8 hours (this is the proofing process), it begins to take on a more impressive character – and something closer to a wreath-like shape. But it’s in the oven that the real magic happens. That simple ring of dough transforms into a hearty wreath of nine sweet, flaky, buttery cinnamon rolls, ready to be pulled apart and enjoyed."

Emma Lord/Bustle

To recap: all you need to do to make perhaps the most beautiful pastry you've ever seen is pop it out of the box, allow it to thaw and the dough to rise for six to eight hours, and bake. The second step is really important though, as the wreath will end up flat without proper proofing (rising) time. Perfection cannot be rushed.

If you're looking to add a little variety to your breakfast, make sure you check out the new Snowflake Pastry with Almond & Cocoa Filling, as well. Similar to the Cinnamon Roll Wreath, the Snowflake pastry is "... hand-shaped into a festive snowflake shape, and filled with fragrant & flavorful almond and rich & robust cocoa." Another perk: the snowflake pastry comes pre-made, so no need to proof or bake this one. Though the other side to this is that it won't give you that satisfaction only a freshly baked sweet can.

Delicious straight out of the package, Trader Joe's recommends popping this one into the over for a few minutes to make it more tender before eating. Pair with a hot cup of tea, a book, and a roaring fire for the perfect wintry evening.

There you have it, folks. Trader Joe's is your one-stop shop for everything you need for the perfect wintry breakfast. If you're throwing a potluck later in the season, consider one with a brunch theme. You can pick up a Cinnamon Roll Wreath or a Snowflake Pastry from Trader Joe's locations nationwide. The products sell for $4.99 and $5.99, respectively.