Trader Joe’s Gummy Lobsters Are The Candy You Didn’t Know You Needed

Candy fiends, assemble! You’ll want to make room in your candy drawer — we all have a candy drawer, right? — because Trader Joe’s new gummy lobsters are here. They’re lobsters! They’re gummies! They are almost too cute to eat... almost.

Last summer, Trader Joe’s brought back their beloved Scandinavian Swimmers gummy pack. As the name suggests, they’re the grocer’s store-brand equivalent to Swedish Fish. But... they’re so much more than that. They’re like if Swedish Fish’s cooler cousins that come to hang out until school starts back up again. They’re what you imagine every chewy forbidden food toy tastes like. They are the candy your childhood self wants and your adult palate deserves.

The original Scandanavian Swimmers pack included a mix of four different shapes and flavors: orange rock fish, blue huckleberry dolphins, yellow mango-peach sea horses, and, of course, berry red lobsters. Now, they’re launching a product exclusively dedicated to our most cherished crustacean: the berry red lobsters.

Each four-ounce bag is less than a dollar ($0.99 to be exact). Plus? They’re vegan. (Sorry to burst your candy-coated bubble, but most gummy candy is not vegan or vegetarian. Most gummies are made with gelatin and gelatin is made from a mix of boiled animal parts like bones, horns, and skin. Yes, really.) But rest assured: the gummy lobsters are entirely plant-based.

The gummy snacks tend to be among customer’s favorite Trader Joe’s candy alongside fan favorites like Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds. They’re so beloved that there is a Trader Joe’s gummy for most every occasion. There are Valentine’s Day gummies. There’s are Halloween gummies. There are gummies for springtime, for happy hour, for when you’re craving something sour.

If you really want to take your gummy love to a new level — or you’re just in the mood to watch something oddly satisfying — there’s behind-the-scenes video on how Trader Joe’s gummies are made on YouTube. Again, because the gummies are vegan, you don’t need to worry about seeing the extremely unsettling process of how gelatin is made. You can just enjoy the goopy, colorful candy mixture get dropped into the fun sea creature shapes.

Trader Joe's also has a video/commercial for the new lobster gummy candy called Just The Lobster Follies in case you're in the mood to watch a bunch of plastic lobsters put on top hats in stop-motion. Watch while you enjoy a bag of the new gummies and call it dinner and a show. Your gummy lobsters, your rules.