Trader Joe's Just Launched A Pumpkin Spice Face Mask That You Actually DO Need Stat

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Pumpkin Spice season has reached its peak. That's because Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask has arrived, and it's like a PSL for your skin. It also happens to smell really good.

As most people who shop at Trader Joe's on the regular know, the market doesn't just sell affordable groceries. Trader Joe's also boasts an impressive selection of beauty products via its in-house brand, including the super popular Rose Facial Oil and Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. But the retailer has seriously upped its fall skin care game this year.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask is packed with good-for-skin ingredients like extracts of pumpkin seed, tumeric root, shea butter, aloe leaf juice, and more. It will also wake up your senses, since the scent comes from the yummy blend of clove flower, cinnamon bark, orange peel, and ginger root oils. For 15 minutes, your bathroom will transform into a pumpkin patch.

The mask is not made from typical sheet mask materials, like cotton or plant-based cellulose. Rather, it's made from biocellulose. According to the blog post on the Trader Joe's site detailing the product, biocellulose is "a thinner, lab-made, compostable material formed from fermented coconut fiber, that can retain up to four times more fluid than its 'regular' cellulose counterpart." What does that mean for you, the user? The blog post goes on to explain that this engineered material allows the mask to cling to the contours of your face more securely so that your skin soaks up even more of the pre-loaded serum. Biocellulose is also environmentally friendly and was originally developed to treat burns and wounds, according to BioRepublic. The brand also noted the mask is not tested on animals.

Bustle reached out to the Trader Joe's for more information on the pumpkin mask.

The single serve Pumpkin Spice Face Mask costs $2.99. Since Trader Joe's doesn’t sell ANY of its products online, the mask is only available in-stores while supplies last.

If this version sells out before you can get your fall mitts on it, here are some other pumpkin-inspired masks to try for an autumnal pick-me-up,

1. Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask

Too Cool For School's Pumpkin Gold Mask is also made from biocellulose, which "holds 100 times its dry weight in fluid," according to the description on the Ulta site. It will soothe dry, flaky skin and give it that deliciously dewy glow.

2. The Creme Shop Pumpkin & Spice Fusion Sheet Mask

If you need and want more pumpkin in your life and on your face, this five-pack answers the call. You get all the benefits of pumpkin, which is said to brighten skin and to help with discoloration, as well as seasonal cinnamon, which absorbs excess oil.

3. It's Skin Everyday Veggie Slice Mask Set Of 10

It's like a salad, but for your face. These masks by It's Skin were inspired by farm life — and there's a pumpkin one to prove it. This mask is rich in Vitamins A and C, and will leave you with a fall glow.

If you are all about pumpkin spice everything, your skin care routine is about to get an autumnal boost.