Transcript Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statement Is A Heated Defense Of Himself

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nearly two weeks after Christine Blasey Ford spoke publicly for the first time about her sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday to deny the allegations that had been made against him. During his opening remarks, Kavanaugh denounced the allegations against him as "character assassination," and angrily argued that they had "destroyed my family and my good name."

On Wednesday, Kavanaugh submitted the full text of his prepared opening remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, the remarks he delivered during Thursday's hearing differed from those he had submitted. At the beginning of his opening remarks, Kavanaugh said that he had spent Wednesday afternoon and evening writing his statement, and that nobody else had seen it prior to Thursday's hearing. Kavanaugh then argued that while survivors of sexual assault should be taken seriously, he had not been present at the party described by Ford where she alleged he had sexually assaulted her.

In his remarks, Kavanaugh not only denied the allegation Ford made against him, but also insisted that her claim — as well as subsequent allegations by two other women, which he also denied — had been harmful to him, his family, and the country.

Read the full transcript of his opening remarks below: