Transcript Of President Obama's Final Press Conference Shows He's Ready To Move Forward

President Barack Obama appeared before reporters one last time for the final press conference of his presidency. He began the meeting with the press by thanking them, saying, "I have enjoyed working with all of you," and advocated for a strong press, asserting that "having you in this building... keeps us honest." This contradicts a story from over the weekend that the incoming Donald Trump administration was considering a plan to move the White House Press briefing room to the Old Executive Office Building.

Although Obama's relationship with the press hasn't always been rosy, no one can say that he hasn't made himself available to the press. Mark Knoller of CBS News noted on twitter that this is Obama's 39th solo White House news conference and 224th press availability of any kind. That works out to the 44th President having made himself available to the press every other week on average of his eight-year presidency. Compare that with the President-elect, who has held only one "press conference" (if that's what you want to call whatever that was) since his election, and only scant other press availabilities.

So, for one last time (at least for the next four years), take a look and enjoy a last non-hostile interaction between our President and our White House Press Corps.

The New York Times on YouTube

Here's a full transcript of Obama's remarks: