There Are Now Tree Toppers For The Holidays Modeled After Powerful Women & You Need To See Them

This year, skip the traditional angel Christmas tree topper for something much more inspiring: a powerful woman who is incredibly worthy of the spotlight (and who will also give you some serious Instagram bait). The UK-based not-for-profit organization Women To Look Up To is making a big holiday statement with their out-of-the-box tree toppers featuring some of the most powerful women out there: Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, and Serena Williams. This is definitely one decoration you won't want to miss out on.

In fact, these tree toppers are so good that you won't be able to pick just one. Queen Bey can sit atop your tree in all her glory, wearing a signature bodysuit, heels, and of course, a pair of angel wings, microphone in hand. If you want to make more of a political statement, you could go for the Hillary Clinton topper, clad in her signature pantsuit (what else would she wear?!) and serious expression. Lastly, there's Serena Williams, rocking sneakers and tennis whites, serving a ball in the way only she can.

How did this come about? Women To Look Up To is a UK-based not-for-profit organization working on projects that further female equality. According to their website, they are "a brand that shines a light on modern female role models, be they world famous or working behind the scenes to further women’s position within society. We act to inspire, motivate, and lift every woman up; In our empowerment programs, innovative product development, and much more to come." It's not hard to see why they're selling powerful women tree toppers!

Throughout 2018, Women To Look Up To will be working on several projects that will help empower women, including mentoring programs, introducing young women to arts industries, and spotlighting writers who take on feminism and female equality. The tree toppers are of women who inspire the organization, and serve as great role models. Why wouldn't you want a constant reminder of something like this on your Christmas tree? Sure, the traditional angel topper has a religious backstory (it was originally used to decorate the tree as a symbol for the angel watching over Jesus on Christmas Eve), but that doesn't mean we can't switch it up sometimes.

If you want to buy one of these tree toppers, start saving now: they go for about $107, and can be shipped to arrive before Christmas so you can take advantage of them this year. Even better: They support an amazing organization that takes women seriously and genuinely wants to help female leaders get ahead. A powerful woman tree topper will not only get you all the likes on Instagram and serve as some daily inspiration, the contribution will make you feel pretty amazing as well. And while these are clearly designed for the top of a tree, they're cool enough to stay on display all year long.

But if you really don't want to spend that much on a decoration, there's one other option: a set of holiday cards with images of more of your favorite powerful women. The "All Star" pack of six cards includes Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, and Adele. They're so cool that they might inspire you to actually send out Christmas cards this year, and they'll only run you about $10.

Oh, and one more thing: if you're based in or near London, you can actually get a custom 3D tree topper of your favorite female who is able to go into the London studio for 3D scanning. That means you could make your mom, best friend, or significant other into a tree topper to look over you during the holiday season. How amazing is that?

Whatever you choose, decide quickly — these surely won't last forever. Order them while you can, and get ready to have the coolest Christmas decorations out there. You can buy a tree topper or a set of cards right here — and if you're feeling extra inspired, you can find out more about helping out with the not-for-profit right here.