Watch Trevor Noah Say Goodbye To Bill O'Reilly

by Joseph D. Lyons
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You're surely aware by now, but one of the biggest name in cable news has been shown the door by Fox News. Bill O'Reilly will not be returning from his vacation as sexual harassment claims started to pile up after The New York Times reported some $13 million had been paid out by O'Reilly and the network in settlements. O'Reilly denied all of the claims, maintaining that they're unfounded. Last night on The Daily Show though, Trevor Noah asked how O'Reilly was able to remain on Fox News for so long, and you may have found yourself asking the same question. After all, the network knew about the allegations for over a decade.

Noah started off on a happy note, talking about how Serena Williams is pregnant. Then, he moved on to O'Reilly, taking on a slightly more serious tone. When Noah started to show news reels of MSNBC and CNN announcing O'Reilly's exit, the audience began to cheer. And that was before Noah even went over the controversy surrounding O'Reilly.

To remind you, and everyone watching at home, Noah played through O'Reilly's best moments. "Here at The Daily Show, we want to give O'Reilly the send-off he deserves. Because let's be honest, he's not going to get it on Fox, that's for sure," Noah said, suggesting that they would pretend "nothing is wrong."

No news to report here, everything is fine. Back to you, Megyn, I mean Greta, I mean Gretchen, I mean Bill, I mean... who's left?

Among the clips were the "war on Christmas," the "war on white Christian men," and then his comments about African-American people. "He had a special place in his heart for black people: prison," Noah said. The host showed video of O'Reilly blaming black Americans for teenage pregnancy within the community and for urban violence.

Then talking with Trump about how he plans to reach out to the African-American community, O'Reilly claimed that "many" black people were "ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads." And perhaps most memorably, he applauded the working conditions of the slaves that built the White House. So how did we reach today, Noah wondered?

Looking back on all of O'Reilly's greatest hits, the one thing that's hard to believe is that it took this long for him to lose his job. And like why did all the advertisers that pulled off his show now, stick with his show this long? Were they watching?

He also joked about what's coming next. "We assumed that they'd change the name of the show, but we also assumed that Fox would have fired O'Reilly after the third time he was accused of sexual harassment," Noah said. That's a very good point — and now that we know Tucker Carlson is filling the spot, who knows what will happen. Again, O'Reilly denied the sexual harassment allegations and claimed to have been targeted because of his celebrity.

Noah ended the show with a reel of O'Reilly screaming at his hosts. "So, it’s sad to say, but farewell, extremely old friend," Noah said. It's about time America say goodbye, too.