'The Daily Show' Is Transforming That Trump Twitter Exhibit Into A Full-Fledged Book

Many Americans are regularly baffled by — and sometimes even intrigued with — President Donald Trump's controversial tweets. If you're someone who wants to take a deeper dive into the presidential tweeting world, you are in luck. On Monday, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah announced a Trump tweet book will be hitting shelves soon. The forthcoming publication will offer consumers a chance to browse through Trump's myriad tweets alongside commentary from the Daily Show's writers.

As the show noted on its Twitter account, the forthcoming book will be entitled, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library. It is being published by Penguin Random House’s Spiegel & Grau and is set for release on July 31. In announcing the book's release, the Daily Show prompted the public to purchase the book, saying, "In 50 years, you’ll want evidence that all of this actually happened."

The Daily Show's book follows the creation of its traveling Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library — a museum-like exhibition that has curated many of Trump's tweets. According to The Daily Show's website, the pop-up exhibition offers visitors a comprehensive Trump tweeting experience:

The library features visual installations and a fully interactive experience for hands of all sizes, giving patrons the opportunity to memorialize and celebrate the many 'unpresidented' moments of President Trump's Twitter history ...

In explaining the impetus behind the creation of the Donald Trump Presidential Twitter Library, Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj explained to Indie Wire in June 2017 that the show wanted to create a space that reflected the unique nature of Trump's presidency. As Minhaj put it, "Every president since I believe FDR has had a Presidential library, so we were thinking, what is Donald Trump’s library going to be filled with? He’s not a man of art or literature ..."

Correspondent Jordan Klepper also commented on the show's vision for the library, telling Indie Wire,

We thought, he speaks on Twitter, are they gonna put those on the wall? And it was like, well there’s an interesting idea. What if we got there a little bit faster, because who knows how long he’s going to be in office ... I do like seeing his tweets next to one another, about the same issue but having totally different takes on it ... it’s kind of eye opening.

As The Wrap reported, Comedy Central noted that the Trump tweet book will serve as an exhibition catalogue for the physical Trump Twitter library. It will include current library exhibits and introduce new ones as well. The network also listed some of the many catergoies of tweets that will be included in the book.

For example, as The Wrap reported, per Comedy Central, one category is known as "The Hall Of Nicknames" and will feature, "The greatest of Trump’s monikers, from 'Lyin’ Ted' to 'Low I.Q. Crazy Mika,' accompanied by original caricature artwork." Another category, "The Greatest Battles," will include "Trump’s brutal Twitter campaigns against fellow Republicans, Diet Coke, women generally, and Kristen Stewart specifically." Comedy Central also noted that other Twitter categories include, "The Masterpieces," "Sad! A Retrospective," "Trumpstradamus," and "Trump vs. Trump," among others.

The network revealed that the book will feature an introduction by The Daily Show's host, Trevor Noah, and a forward from Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer-prize winning historian. It will include photographs from the pop-up exhibit along with space for people to add Trump tweet highlights of the future.

The Daily's Show's Trump tweet book is not due to be released until the summer. However, it is already available for pre-order via Random House's website. Thus, be sure to place your order if you're interested in perusing this (publisher-described) "unique portrait of an artist whose masterworks will be studied by historians, grammarians, and mental health professionals for years to come."