Triscuit Just Launched "Wheatberry Clusters" You'll Want To Mix Into Literally Everything


Crackers are moving over to make room for clusters on the snack shelf. Triscuit, the cracker company we all rely on for cheese and cracker nights, have produced a new product that isn't a canvas for cheddar for the first time in its 119 year history. Triscuit now makes Wheatberry Clusters and it should be the first thing on your grocery list.

To first ~new~ snack in a departure from the signature crackers, the Wheatberry clusters introduce themselves to the market as three drool worthy flavors. And they all sound finish-the-box-in-a-day good. Snackers can choose from Cranberries & Cashews, Cherries & Almonds, or Pumpkin Seeds & Sweet Corn. Don't call it granola, these Wheatberry Clusters are a snack uniquely their own.

Triscuit's official site explains, "A wheat berry is a whole, unprocessed kernel of wheat that contains all three parts of the grain, including the bran, germ, and endosperm. It is whole grain wheat in its original form. Wheat berries are commonly ground up into flour, but they make for a tasty ingredient in our Clusters." The wheat berries are roasted first and then clustered together with nuts, seeds and dried fruits for your bite sized pleasure. Each bite promises to be full of wholesome flavor. You can practically taste the ~wellness~.

Wheatberry Clusters announce themselves on their packaging as "plant based fuel" made entirely with real ingredients so you can feel good about snacking. Triscuit's senior brand manager, Sally Barton tells Business Insider that the cracker brand spent three years developing and tasting the new Wheatberry Clusters. That's over one thousand days dedicated to detail and getting it right. And by the look of it, they delivered.

With this new snack comes a new design. Instead of scouting the snack shelves for Triscuit's signature yellow box, keep an eye out for a resealable beige bag. Because the bag is resealable, you can grab a pouch of these clusters for your on-the-go lifestyle. Morning commute munchies? Casually reach into the bag that fits perfectly in your purse. Whenever a craving strikes, a bag will be at your side.

But the Wheatberry Clusters aren't just for snacking straight out of the bag. Mix them into your morning yogurt or evening salad for nutty flair that isn't granola or croutons. Wheatberry Clusters are paving their own path in the pantry. You can find this new snack essential in the cracker aisle of your nearest grocery store.

Triscuit still has over 30 cracker products available for cracker consumers looking to smear soft goat cheese on a something with complimentary flavor. The product page counts 37 varieties including Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Olive Oil, Hint of Salt, Wasabi & Soy Sauce, and Fig & Honey. There is literally a cracker flavor for everyone and every cheese when it comes to Triscuits.

Next time you're strolling through the snack sections of the grocery store and looking for something that isn't a cracker but also isn't granola but also isn't trail mix, give Wheatberry Clusters a try. They're all about the right kind of ingredients and I can snack on that.