Khloé Kardashian's Birthday Party Was Gorgeous

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For all of her relationship ups and downs, it's good to see that things have been going so well between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Over the weekend, yet another reason was added to the list of why these two are serious relationship goals. With the help of her sisters, Thompson threw Kardashian a surprise birthday party on Sunday night, and judging by the photos and Snapchats that have since emerged from the celebration, it's definitely enough to make anyone jealous.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the party took place at LA club the Blind Dragon, and it seems like everyone she loved was there, including her sisters, her mom, and her friends. In fact, even the occasionally elusive Kanye West was there, as evidenced by his appearance in photo booth pictures from the party.

This definitely couldn't have been a simple undertaking (especially having that many people keep the secret), so this is just sign that things are serious between Kardashian and Thompson. And since she threw him a birthday party of his own earlier this year, this seems like the perfect way to return the favor.

Kim even snapped the moment when Kardashian arrived, and it seems like she was totally shocked — in the best way.

Conveniently, Kardashian was already wearing the prettiest, sparkliest dress for the occasion. Nothing says "birthday" better than sparkles.

And even though the party, as a whole, looks incredible (especially in the video above), a detail that cannot be missed is the food. In the other video Kim posted, an amazing dessert spread is seen, complete with donuts, cake pops, and even rock candy covered in gold flakes and glitter. Thompson and Kardashian's fam deserve some kind of an award for pulling this off, because it seems like no detail was left out — and no expense was spared. The jealousy is real.

So far, not many other details have surfaced about the party — which makes sense, given it happened less than 24 hours ago — but from what has been shared so far, it's basically the prototype of what a birthday should be. How gorgeous are those cupcakes?

Hopefully, the E! cameras were present to capture everything for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but even if the rest of the world doesn't get to share in the festivities, it seems like Kardashian had a great time ringing in another year of life. You did good, Thompson. No wonder she likes him so much!

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