Trump Can't Stop Bullying Mika Brzezinski On Twitter

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While vacationing at his New Jersey golf club on Saturday, President Donald Trump lobbed more insults at Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough in the latest installment of his ongoing, and very public, feud with the MSNBC hosts.

"Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people," the president tweeted Saturday in what many have decreed to be a backhanded compliment. "Their low rated show is nominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!"

Trump began attacking Morning Joe co-hosts Brzezinski and Scarborough – with Brzezinski appearing to bear the brunt of the president's wrath – on Twitter last year after the pair began criticizing him on their show. In one incident, Trump tweeted that Brzezinski was "crazy and very dumb" and accused her of having a "mental breakdown" while on the air. In another incident, the president tweeted he thought Brzezinski was "off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess!"

On Thursday, however, critics said Trump crossed a line when he tweeted "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" had been allegedly "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when she and Scarborough "insisted on joining" him at Mar-a-Lago over the New Year.

In response, Brzezinski and Scarborough questioned the stability of Trump's mental and emotional health in an op-ed published Friday by the Washington Post. "The president’s unhealthy obsession with “Morning Joe” does not serve the best interests of either his mental state or the country he runs," they wrote.

However, as Trump continues to fan the flames of his ongoing feud with Brzezinski, some lawmakers have questioned if the president is using his controversial tweets to pull attention away from the debate surrounding Senate Republicans' health care bill. "[Trump's] tweets are disgusting but #Trumpcare is deadly," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wrote in a tweet posted Saturday. "Don't be distracted. Defeat #Trumpcare."

Republican Rep. Tom Reed echoed a similar thought Thursday during an interview with CNN. "Obviously I'm concerned about that type of language," Reed said when asked about his response to the president's tweets. "Maybe the intent is to distract from the health care debate, but I want to be part of the debate that's impacting the American people. When it comes to health care, tax reform that's where our conversation should be."

While on vacation Saturday at his golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey, President Trump also took time to fire off tweets disparaging CNN as fake news, accusing NBC and Comcast of firing a host over her political ideology, and implying the more than two dozen states refusing to comply with a request for voters' personal information had something to hide.