Trump Didn't Enjoy France's Daft Punk Medley Very Much

by Chris Tognotti
Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This week, President Donald Trump headed to France to celebrate Bastille Day, the anniversary of the French revolution. He was invited to the celebration by French president Emmanuel Macron, and ultimately accepted, jetting off for the festivities on Air Force One despite facing some rapidly escalating issues and controversies back home. But while he seemed to enjoy getting the invitation, based on his positive statements about France, there was one part of the visit he didn't seem into: Trump seemed dazed when the French army started dancing, looking at the very least ambivalent and at the very most unhappy with the marching band's performance of a Daft Punk medley.

In fairness, there's no particular reason to think Trump would recognize the French electornic duo's hit 2013 single "Get Lucky." His taste in popular culture and music is pretty opaque, unlike former president Barack Obama, who released annual summer playlists. By comparison, there's little to no information on which to guess what types of music Trump enjoys listening to, beyond perhaps his own campaign playlist ― "You Can't Always Get What You Want," anyone?

In any case, in a moment that caught some attention on social media, Trump looked downright bored and disdainful during the Daft Punk rendition, while Macron seemed quite tickled by it.

As Vox's Rebecca Tan noted, Trump's tight-lipped grimace was punctuated by the front lip of his hair waving slightly in the breeze, almost in time with the beat of the music. By contrast, Macron appeared to enjoy the display, and seemingly flashed a mildly perplexed look when he noticed how listless and unresponsive Trump looked.

Unfortunately, the footage of the medley doesn't show how First Lady Melania Trump reacted, so there's no way to know how whether the president's apparent disdain (or at the very least, utter lack of interest) in the music was shared by his spouse.

While Trump may not have enjoyed the medley, his trip to France was likely an enjoyable diversion from some thorny situations back home. He's currently facing increasing scrutiny over his eldest son Don Jr.'s interactions with Russian nationals during the 2016 presidential campaign, and the Republican-led Senate is attempting to pass a massive overhaul of the health care system that's deeply unpopular, routinely polling at below 20 percent support.

In other words, with his own approval ratings continuing to flat-line around 40 percent, and controversy and unpopular policies awaiting him at home, it'd be no surprise for Trump to want to take his mind off things. When the alternative is watching a French marching band belting out Daft Punk, however, it seems he isn't very keen.