Trump Used The Revised Travel Ban Ruling To Diss Hillary Clinton & It Needs To Stop

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We all know the story. On Nov. 8, 2016, it looked like we were about to elect the country's first woman president, and then we didn't. Donald Trump won the Electoral College and was sworn in as president in January. Many continue to resist his agenda — and should — but the election is over and done with. Trump won, even if it was just according to a centuries-old electoral system that ignores the will of the people. The country has accepted his victory, but President Trump is still stuck on Hillary Clinton, even months into his presidency.

I say this because he brought her up again Wednesday night, dissing her at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, at a rally. Normally those would end by Election Day, but that isn't what Trump thinks. Is that due to an inferiority complex? Does he know too that Clinton would have been the better choice for the country? Is that why he keeps bringing her up?

His Clinton diss Wednesday came as part of a response to a Hawaii judge putting a temporary halt to the new travel ban. "This was, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach," Trump said before going on to mention Clinton:

The law and the Constitution give the president the power to suspend immigration, when he deems — or she, fortunately it will not be Hillary "she" — when he or she deems it to be in the national interests of our country.
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That began the familiar "lock her up" chant. Trump didn't acknowledge the chant verbally — or join in — but he also didn't try to stop it. Instead, he took a moment, stayed silent, turned to the crowd, and acknowledged his supporters, seemingly pleased by their outburst.

This an embarrassment to the Office of the President. But you shouldn't be surprised by this point. At his famous February press conference, Trump mentioned Clinton 11 times, by the count of The Week. He also implicitly mentioned her quite a bit more — all without being prompted.

And arguably his Clinton attack isn't even the most upsetting bit of Trump's rally speech. What's scarier is his attack on the judiciary. Instead of accepting the court's stance on his first travel ban, Trump wrote another, similar one. When they halted that Wednesday, he said he had been right all along with the first, stronger one and would fight to the Supreme Court because "this ruling makes us look weak."

That's actually not the case. The ruling makes the United States look strong; he's the only one who is looking weak. From a Women's March that put his inauguration to shame to America's independent courts that block his dangerous and un-American travel bans, Trump has been continuously bettered by his opponents. He better get used to accepting it.

And leave Clinton out of it.