15 Photos Representing Trump's First 100 Days

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Donald Trump's presidency will hit the 100-day mark on Saturday, April 29. As this milestone approaches, it's important to reflect on what a president has (or hasn't) accomplished in office. Unfortunately for Trump, his first 100 days were not necessarily deserving of praise, something which is reflected in the following 15 photos that capture the essence of the early days of Trump's presidency.

These photos are disturbing, not necessarily for the scenes captured in them (the images of protesters, for example, can be quite inspiring), but rather, because of what they represent — the Trump administration's policies and rhetoric that threaten Americans' rights and the fabric of democracy.

During Trump’s first 100 days in office, his administration has pushed policies that infringed on the rights of many Americans, particularly women, minorities, immigrants, and LGBTQ individuals. If anything, Trump’s first 100 days have served as a reminder that, sadly, no rights or protections can be taken for granted in the United States, and that advocacy and grassroots organization are more important than ever before.

Thus, these 15 photos are a reminder of what is at stake in Trump’s first 100 days — but they also serve as inspiration to continue fighting for justice throughout the duration of his presidency.

1. "Alternative Facts"

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In her attempt to defend Press Secretary Sean Spicer's mischaracterization of Trump's inauguration attendance during his first press briefing, Kellyanne Conway used the now-infamous term "alternative facts." Her choice of words sparked outcry and caused concern among the public that the administration was perpetuating falsehoods.

2. A Blow To Trans Rights

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At a march against Trump's decision to rescind Obama-era guidelines encouraging schools to ensure that transgender students are allowed to use the bathroom of their choice, the emotional protestor in this photo highlighted the real-life consequences of the administration's decisions.

3. Environmental Protections Eliminated

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At a press conference at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters, Trump announced his executive order to roll back Obama's climate change and environmental protections, including "emissions rules for power plants, limits on methane leaks, a moratorium on federal coal leasing, and the use of the social cost of carbon to guide government actions."

4. The "Mexico City" Policy Returns

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President Trump, flanked by only male members of his staff, signed an Executive Order restoring and expanding the "Mexico City" policy, which bars international health organizations that perform or even inform women about abortions from receiving U.S. government funding, effectively putting millions of women's lives at risk.

5. Investigation Into Alleged Russian Ties

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This image of attendees heading into a meeting of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is a glimpse at the ongoing investigation between Trump and Russia. Along with a corresponding Senate Committee, the House Intelligence Committee is investigating the Trump presidential campaign and administration's alleged ties to Russia.

6. Weekends At Mar-a-Lago

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Trump has been heavily criticized for spending copious amounts of time away from Washington, D.C., particularly for his golfing getaways at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, an activity which has become somewhat of a weekend staple. Furthermore, Trump's administration added fuel to the fire by recently revealing it will not release visitor logs for Mar-a-Lago or the White House, which critics are calling a blow to governmental transparency.

7. The Dakota Access Pipeline, Resumed

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This image was taken at a protest of Trump's support for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipeline which runs under the water-supplying system for the Standing Rock Sioux and is vehemently opposed by the tribe. The Obama administration halted it, but Trump opted to resume construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines via an executive order in late January.

8. The Travel Ban Travesty

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Protesters head to a U.S. airport to take a stand against Trump's "travel ban" executive order, which prevented refugees and immigrants from seven predominately-Muslim countries from entering the United States. The ban was massively controversial and sparked outrage across the country. It was quickly blocked by federal courts.

The administration later issued another travel ban, but that, too, was suspended by courts.

9. A "Stolen" Supreme Court Seat

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Neil Gorsuch was controversially appointed to the Supreme Court in early April after Senate Republicans refused to even hold a hearing for Obama's nominee for the position, Merrick Garland, for over a year. Moreover, Senate GOP members chose to invoke the "nuclear option" to secure Gorsuch's nomination, forever changing Senate rules so that only a simple majority is required to secure the nomination of a Supreme Court justice in the future.

10. Crackdown On Deportation

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People are arrested at a protest against the increase in deportation raids and arrests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcment (ICE) since the advent of the Trump administration.

11. The Failed "American Health Care Act"

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This is an image of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announcing the "American Health Care Act" (AHCA), which Republicans sought to pass in order to repeal and replace Obamacare. Ultimately, there was no vote on it, since Republicans were unable to secure enough support after it was reported that the AHCA would be detrimental for Americans, with some 24 million people losing their insurance if it were implemented.

12. Anti-Science Initiatives

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In response to the Trump administration's focus on cutting science budgets and denying scientific research, thousands of people joined the "March For Science" on Earth Day as a means of protesting and drawing attention to the Trump administration's "anti-science initiatives."

13. Sessions Seeking To Defund "Sanctuary Cities"

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Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicated that the Trump administration plans to withhold federal funding from "sanctuary cities," cities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities. This week, a federal judge blocked the Trump administration's order on withholding sanctuary city funding, ruling that it was likely unconstitutional.

14. Women's Rights Under Threat

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Women around the world marched on the day after Trump's inauguration to protect and promote equal rights for everyone, and to protest Trump's historically misogynistic treatment of women.

15. Betsy DeVos Sparks Ire

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Protesters gathered to oppose Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. DeVos, who was later confirmed, was a highly controversial nominee due to her lack of experience in public education, as well as her desire to promote school vouchers and charter schools.

Overall, these 15 photos characterize Trump's first 100 days in office and offer an important reminder of why it is imperative to hold the Trump administration accountable for its actions.