This Is The Eye-Popping Amount Of Money Trump's Military Parade Is Now Expected To Cost

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Those in Washington, D.C. this November will get to witness President Trump's military parade — and a monumentally priced one at that. According to a United States defense official who spoke to CNBC on condition of anonymity, Trump’s military parade will cost $92 million, an amount that's a whopping $80 million more than the initially evaluated cost.

According to the anonymous official, who claimed firsthand knowledge of the assessment, the estimation comes from the Department of Defense and other agencies like the Department of Homeland Security. The military parade is expected to take place on Nov. 10 in Washington, D.C., where it will boast a variety of spectacles, including soldiers in period uniforms, according to CNBC.

The total of $92 million — an unmistakably gigantic figure — is made up of $50 million from the Pentagon and the remaining $42 million will be provided by the likes of the Department of Homeland Security along and other agencies, according to the defense official. In July, however, the Department of Defense estimated that the cost would have been $12 million. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told the press that the cost for the military parade could range from $10 million and go up to $30 million.

While reaching out for comment, CNBC reported that a Pentagon spokesperson said the Department of Defense would officially announce the estimated cost soon without specifying the date.

According to the defense official who spoke to CNBC, the whopping $92 million is expected to cover a variety of aspects for the military parade. For starters, the American capital on that particular Nov. 10 will require enhanced security for which a portion of the $92 million will ostensibly come handy. Then there’s the cost of transporting different types of military-grade vehicles in Washington, D.C, along with the covering cost for Temporary Duty for soldiers. At this moment, according to the anonymous official, the November military parade will boast eight military tanks. But plans could change.

Spectators can expect to see military-rank vehicles like Strykers and Bradleys as well. The official told CNBC that one of the tanks, known as the Abrams tank, was initially a source of concern for security experts given its size and heft. But it will apparently be brought to Washington, D.C., where the almost 70-ton-weighing behemoth tank will saunter down the capital. Experts, according to the anonymous official, believe that the Abrams tank’s weight can be distributed proportionally on the road without causing damage to D.C.’s concrete.

Other spectacles of “military might” as Trump would describe it, will include fighter jets, military helicopters, according to CNBC. Soldiers will also don period uniforms from both the past and future.

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It's no surprise that Trump is aiming for a military parade worth millions and millions of dollars; in February, the president expressed a deep affinity for France's Bastille Day parade while speaking to United Nations General Assembly. Back then the president said, "It was one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen." But as Vox noted: the French parade is about civil liberties and not military power.