Trump’s Twitter Was Briefly Down & The Internet Cried Tears Of Joy


For a short period of time Wednesday evening, Donald Trump's Twitter account was down, and the entire site had something to say about it.

It started just before 7 p.m., and according to varying reports, lasted anywhere from one to seven minutes. The reason that the account was temporarily inaccessible is not immediately clear, but for those fleeting moments, many users jumped at the chance to reflect on several minutes of guaranteed calm.

The president's personal Twitter account has become a media sensation since the time of his presidential candidacy. Already an active user before officially stepping into politics, Trump's tweets have made headlines on a weekly — and sometimes daily — basis since he took office. Through Twitter, he has announced policy shifts, complained about late-night comedy shows, and started a litany of political feuds.

Some of his Twitter "Greatest Hits," so to speak, include taunting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the nickname "Little Rocket Man," his famed "covfefe" typo, and more recently, calling for the death penalty to be used on the suspect accused of driving a truck into a bike path in New York on Tuesday.

Indeed, Trump's Twitter account has probably garnered more attention than that of any other politician in the website's history. And given a glimpse of Twitter without Donald Trump, users ran with the fantasy.

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Trump's Twitter was quickly restored, but given the traffic his account must receive, it's unsurprising that the news spread as rapidly as it did. Many were dumbfounded, but despite the confusion, were also overjoyed. If one thing was learned from this incident, it was that his tweets will continue to make headlines, even in the event that they temporarily do not exist.