Trump's Vs. Obama's Easter Egg Roll Speeches Are Not On The Same Page

Chip Somodevilla; Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Monday, the White House will hold one of its most time-honored traditions: The Easter Egg Roll. With a couple of wartime exceptions, the event has been held every year since 1878, and it usually features a speech by the incumbent president. It's probably no surprise that so far, Donald Trump's and Barack Obama's Easter Egg Roll speeches have been wildly different from one another — in more ways than one.

For instance, Obama's speeches were generally much shorter than Trump's. In most years, Obama only gave brief introductory remarks before handing the mic off to Michelle Obama, who then spoke for longer than the president had. Trump, by contrast, has given slightly longer speeches, and while Melania Trump did speak at the 2017 event, her comments were briefer than the president's. In 2018, Melania didn't say anything during the speech portion.

Just as notable is what the two men talked about. Obama rarely did more than thank attendees and staff, praise his wife and the military band present, and talk about how fun the event is. Trump's Easter Egg Roll speeches, meanwhile, occasionally veer into political territory or discuss topics unrelated to Easter, such as military funding or the physical condition of the White House building. Let's take a look at how the two presidents' Easter Egg Roll speeches have differed over the years.

Obama, 2014

The Obama White House on YouTube

Obama, 2015

The Obama White House on YouTube

Obama, 2016

The Obama White House on YouTube

Trump, 2017

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Trump, 2018

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It's worth noting, of course, that Trump has only given two Easter Egg Roll speeches so far, compared with Obama's eight. But despite the relatively small sample size, it's clear that the two presidents, as with so many other things, have approached the event very differently.