Twitter Is Reliving All The Things Teachers Did To Us As Kids & They’re SO Infuriating

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While school days might be pretty far in the rear-view mirror for many of us at this point, one thing is for sure: you never forget the ways your teachers affected you during your most influential years. In lots of cases, we'll remember the good things about our education: the inspiring teachers, the memorable courses, and the intellectual encouragement. But more so, and let's be honest, there are a lot of crappy things that happened to us in school growing up that we'll probably never forget. This fact is reaffirmed by a Twitter thread featuring tweets about infuriating things teachers did to us as kids that's gone extremely viral.

The original tweet, shared by user @PuccaNoodles on Feb. 15, asks a seemingly simple question: "whats something a teacher did that still makes you mad?" In the two days since it was originally shared, people all around the world have been chiming in the share their school horror stories. The consensus? Teachers said and did a lot of really annoying things to us as kids. While many tweets in the thread are hilarious and nostalgically relatable, a lot of them are also reminders of how the school system hasn't always been (and heck, still isn't) as welcoming to people who needed accommodations for mental or physical health, or who experienced discrimination or even outright bullying at the hands of people who were supposed to protect them. Hopefully the next generation of students will be tweeting about the ways in which their teachers enriched their lives in the classroom, but, for now, we can all look back and realize that no, these infuriating experiences happened to a *lot* of us. Here are some of the most shocking tweets from the thread.

1. Excuse Me?

The original poster had their own infuriating experience with a teacher, which I'm getting mad just reading about. This is one of those instances where the student really does know more than the teacher — but instead of applauding them, the teacher makes fun of them. So, so wrong.

2. If You Don't Want Your Students To Doodle, Uh, Be Less Boring?

Not to mention the fact that some kids need to have their hands occupied (e.g., by doodling) to focus.

3. Can A Sub Even Do That?

I can't even imagine what the next day was like for their actual teacher.

4. So Many Kinds Of F'd Up

A professor's job is first and foremost to help. Questioning the validity of a disabled student's condition is not only disrespectful, but incredibly dangerous.

5. ABC Gum

If you're as disgusted by already been chewed gum as I am, this tweet will make you retch.

6. Proved Them Wrong

Instilling sexism in a classroom is just about one of the most counter productive things a teacher could do. All genders are appropriate for all jobs, end of story.

7. A Million Kinds Of Nope

Telling an art student that they will live in poverty if they follow their dream is not just devastating, it's wildly untrue. But also, who doesn't like ramen noodles?!

8. Nail Polish Remover?

It's never a teacher's job to make personal suggestions like this to students. Students should be empowered to be themselves and enjoy their individuality. Not to mention, how dated is the notion that the only way to success in high school is cheerleading?

9. Um, No, Not True

So, obviously, this is not based in science, but moreover, it's extremely shame-y and incredibly not OK. Turns out, you can bond with as many sexual partners as you dang well please.

10. Sweet Redemption

Horrible teaching, wonderful vindication for the student.

11. This Is Literally So Backwards

You'd think a teacher would be proud of a student who was doing well, but there are tons of teachers out there who would fail students for performing above their grade level. (Why? Who can say.)

12. Black Nail Polish Vs. Teachers — Again

What is it with teachers and black nail polish!?

13. This Is Super Irresponsible

I've unfortunately heard this story from a lot of people. Their teachers didn't invest in them enough to understand their learning disabilities, and therefore only worsened their chances of having a successful experience in school.

14. Way To Quash Their Creativity

The amount of teachers who actively made fun of students on this thread is astonishing — never mind all those who actively tried to crush students' creativity.

Obviously, not all teachers are nasty (and far from it!) but this thread is a reminder of how many mean teachers are out there. Luckily, part of growing up is finding the strength to call out these micro-aggressions — even through Twitter years later.