Shaun White's Olympic Snowboarding Halfpipe Run Left Twitter In Complete Awe

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

After he stunned the judges, sports commentators, and audience with his powerful tricks and spins in the cold PyeongChang air in South Korea, it's no surprise that Twitter is buzzing about Shaun White's 2018 Olympic snowboarding first halfpipe run. To put it in more precise terms, many Twitter users are now championing White as the GOAT of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

On Tuesday, White wowed viewers while he competed against Australia's Scotty James, along with Japan's Raibu Katayama, Yuto Totsuka, and Ayuma Hirano. He was also up against Switzerland's Jan Scherrer and Finland's Peetu Pirroinen. But his rivals failed to outdo him in the first run as White ended up scoring a solid 94.25 in the men's halfpipe snowboarding competition. In his second run, White scored 55.00.

For those who have kept track of White's snowboarding career, Tuesday's impressive run shows how long White has come from his disappointment in the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and his grisly snowboarding injury in New Zealand. The brutal accident, which took place while he was competing, led to at least 60 stitches after White cracked his lip and forehead on the halfpipe.

Almost as if he crafted his own redemption story, White qualified for the South Korean Olympic games this February and won the hearts of many on Twitter with his intense and sky-high snowboarder corks and twists. Here are some of the many admirers White has won ever since.

1. Dose of Nostalgia

One Twitter shared a grainy and old video of a much younger White while calling him the GOAT.

2. Love For White - Spanish Edition

It wasn't just English-speakers who cheered for the professional snowboarder.

3. "Incredible"

"I’m amazed every time I watch him," one Twitter user said.

4. A Creative Take On The U.S. Uniforms

"There is a reason [why] #TeamUSA is dressed like astronauts. I think [Shaun White] actually left the atmosphere," another Twitter user mused.

5. Comparison

One Twitter user compared White to the Belgian soccer player Marouane Fellaini.

6. For Your Eyes

In case you couldn't see the live stream, here's a sneak peek at how White dominated the halfpipe first run.

7. More Fans

One Twitter user shared a photo of himself with White when he was younger. And had longer locks.

8. Quite Literally The GOAT

To make matters more literal, here's a goat gliding on ice.

9. "Sheesh"

Stunning stuff from White on Tuesday.

10. Casual Glory

He stunned his fans without much effort.

11. Quick Update: White Is The GOAT

One Twitter user laid down some fast updates on the Winter Olympics and added that White is, you guessed it, the GOAT.

12. Is That Him?

Is.. that.. White?

13. "Never Retire"

Some career suggestions from a fan.

14. Stannin' White

"I called Shaun White's run being so incredibly dope that he would take his helmet off and throw it in the crowd just to say "I'm the best", after his perfect first run," one Twitter user said. "He did just that."

15. "Unreal"

Too good to be believe.

16. The "Greatest"

White topped this person's list of great athletes.

17. No Debate

No rebutting this person's stance on White.

18. New Fans

"I'm pretty sure he was born IN the halfpipe," this Twitter user joked.

19. Emoji Version

An emoji version of White is the GOAT, according to this Twitter user.

20. Creative

Very creative.

21. "Ever Ever Ever"

"He is [the] god of snowboarding and the GOAT," this Twitter user concluded.

In other words, Twitter really loves their redhead, sky-kissing American snowboarder.