Tweets From The Little Rock Concert Shooting Are Chilling

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

At least 28 people were injured in a shooting at a Little Rock, Arkansas nightclub early Saturday morning. According to police, 25 were shot and three others obtained incidental injuries. A video recorded by a concertgoer — the crowd was there to see Memphis artist Finese 2Tymes — captured the sounds of 24 gunshots going off in a period of 11 seconds.

Little Rock Chief Kenton Buckner spoke to the press and stated that "some sort of dispute broke out between people inside." At the time of this writing, there are no fatalities and authorities have announced that all victims are expected to survive.

Officials quickly clarified that the shooting was not being looked at as a terror-related one. "We do NOT believe this incident was an active shooter or terror related incident," read a tweet from the Little Rock Police's Twitter account. "It appears to have been a dispute at a concert."

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and several other Arkansas leaders responded to the news. "My heart is broken this morning," said Stodola. "It's absolutely outrageous, outlandish conduct that occurred last night at this late-night club."

Gov. Asa Hutchinson released a statement primarily touching on Little Rock's crime rate. “We are still gathering facts, but it is clear that we need to have a comprehensive enforcement strategy in place that helps take the violent threats off the streets," he said. "The state will participate and bring assets to the table to support local law enforcement efforts."

Numerous people on Twitter have shared updates on the scene.

1. A Chilling Video

The sounds of so many shots brings home how fortunate it is that no one ultimately lost their life.

2. Complete Disarray

Undoubtedly something everyone who was present will remember for the rest of their lives.

3. Too Much Gun Violence

"I'm sick of all the killing and I'm tired of all the shooting, the kids getting hurt," Raida Bunche, whose son was in the club at the time of the incident, told The Los Angeles Times.

4. Grim

Another reminder of what the consequences could have been.

5. Police Presence

Police investigation of the scene continued into late Saturday afternoon.

7. Hospitalized Victims

At the very least these families will remember this situation as a close call rather than a tragedy.

8. A Lot To Take In

Chief Kenton Buckner told reporters the shooting was probably carried out by "multiple suspects."

By Saturday afternoon, President Trump had not commented on the situation in Little Rock, prompting criticism from some who pointed out that he had taken time to tweet multiple times about his current feud with journalists and media outlets while ignoring the shooting.