Tweets From The UK Parliament Lockdown Are Chilling

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Following separate incidences involving a suspect with a knife reported on the premises, and a car striking pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, UK Parliament is on lockdown. According to a statement from Scotland Yard to BBC, the attack on Westminster is being considered "a terrorist incident until we know otherwise."

Since the news first broke early Wednesday morning, it's been reported that the suspect with a knife allegedly stabbed a police officer on the Parliament premises. After gunshots were sounded, it's now also being reported that the alleged assailant has been shot by police.

Because this incident is still unfolding and not contained, it's hard to get a full idea of what's actually going on from just news reports. Despite the fact that there are tons of reporters already onsite, some of the most informative news in a public situation like this comes from Twitter. The people who are on the inside of the lockdown are the most key witnesses to the event. Their experience is not something that any reporter can account for at this point. So here's a round up of some tweets that have come in from people who are not only close to the incident, but having their own direct experience with it.

View Of The Scene

An Important Reminder

Some People Reporting "Explosion"

Shots Fired

Medical Scene

A Live Look

More Chaos On Periscope

Grim Coverage From The Bridge

MPs Tweeting Their Safety

A View From Safety

Chilling Scenes