On President's Day, The Internet Is Missing Obama More Than Ever

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Each year, on the third Monday of February, America observes a federal holiday in honor of their nation's leaders. However, if modern history could be measured by the content of its tweets and memes, President's Day 2018 was about Trump more than almost anyone else.

Quips spread across social media on Monday as users reflected on exactly what it means to be an American under President Trump. This manifested in several ways: Some users shared photos of presidents from the last 25 years, remarking how they longed to have a more traditional politician occupying the West Wing. Some shared photos of Hillary Clinton, listlessly fantasizing about an alternative universe where the 2016 presidential election had a very different outcome.

Many also shared how much they missed having President Obama in the White House — retweeting and posting photos of the 44th president, his cabinet, and his family. "Man do I miss this guy," wrote user AJ Lenar, accompanied by a snapshot of Obama smiling and pointing just beyond the camera's lens.

Trump, for his part, reportedly spent the holiday golfing, having arrived in West Palm Beach around mid-morning, according to The Hill. It was the first time the President was seen in public since Friday.

His instructions to constituents? "Have a great, but very reflective, President’s Day!"

Missing This Guy

One user professed how badly he misses having President Obama in office.

Classes Of Ability

Rev. Al Sharpton reflected on the differences between President Trump and his three predecessors.

Real Presidents

One user contended that Hillary Clinton was as presidential as the last three men to hold the office.

44 Out Of 45

One user shared a sign which implies protest against honoring the current president on President's Day.

100 Percent For Gun Control

A meme account who plays "God" joked that two of the more famous presidents would back control legislation.

Dog Smarts

In honor of President's Day One user shared a photo of a magnet that claims the owner's dog is more intelligent than the president.

It's Not Close

Foreign policy expert David Rothkopf shared a sobering message, describing Trump as "the worst of the worst."

Everyone But Trump

Like many users, writer Parker Molloy wished everyone except Trump a happy holiday.

Trump's Hair, Of Course

Another user poked fun at Trump's hair, a perennial punchline among comedians and pundits.

Merry Christmas

Two months later and Trump's rhetoric about the idea of a War on Christmas also made an appearance.


One user imagined a scenario where Trump legally decrees that president's must receive presents on President's Day.

Not You

What's a holiday without a good old-fashioned gif?

New Hairdo

One user imagined Trump borrowing some fashion tips from George Washington.

We No Longer Have One

A Hillary Clinton presidency was a constant theme on President's Day.

Something To Reflect About

One user directly responded to Trump's notion of using President's Day to reflect.

For many, President's Day 2018 was a bittersweet opportunity to reflect on how much has changed since the 2016 election. But even through the malaise, some grade-A jokes and scathing commentary reared their heads to brighten the day.