This Huge Line Of Ranch Dressing At Walmart Includes Wasabi, Buffalo, & Bacon

Twisted Ranch

Ranch lovers, prepare yourselves with a deep breath and a crudite spread. Walmart has an entire line of ranch dressings now, and it's all thanks to the ranch dressing royalty at Twisted Ranch. The creamy dressing is beloved for a reason. First of all, it's bottled perfection. Second, you can glug it onto anything and increase the deliciousness by 1,000 percent. Lettuce with ranch. Pizza with ranch. Chicken with ranch. All delicious canvases on their own but once given a ranch dressing makeover turn out to be masterpieces.

While you thought there was only one kind of ranch dressing for sale, the St. Louis-based restaurant Twisted Ranch is here to rock your refrigerator. Twisted Ranch, a restaurant in St. Louis, Mo. that revolves around ranch dressing, went viral thanks to a BuzzFeed video in 2018. But where hundreds of ranch fans have to wait upwards of one hour for a table, you don't have to. Because the whole entire ~line~ of unique ranch dressings by the restaurant is for sale at Walmarts nationwide.

And don't expect regular ranch. The co-founders of Twisted Ranch teamed up with Kraft Heinz to bring the ranch adoring public unexpected flavors. The kind that make it so that ranch is never the same.

Twisted Ranch

Twisted Ranch, $2.50, Walmart

Chad Allen, co-founder of Twisted Ranch, said in a recent press release, "Twisted Ranch is the only restaurant in America with 33 different mouthwatering spins on ranch made in-house, daily." Um, 33! Guys! That's a lot of variations of this ~blessed~ dressing. Now that they've teamed up with Kraft Heinz, these "one-of-a-kind" dressings are being stocked on Walmart's shelves for all of us to enjoy with an hour wait time.

Each 13-ounce bottle retails for $3.29, and you'll have your choice of five unique flavor combinations. Pour the Black Pepper Parmesan flavor over your pizza. Try the Cheesy Smoked Bacon flavor with your chicken wings. Dip ruffled chips into Garlic Smashed Buffalo and fries into Honey Dipped Wasabi. Turn everything up a notch with the mouthwatering Mango Spiked Habanero flavor. This array of ranch dressings means there's a taste of something special for everyone.

What ranch lovers get is the same creamy, rich dressing they've always loved. Except now there's the additional element of bold flavorings. And because of that it's a whole new way to ranch. Let me tell you something — celery sticks will never be the same.

Make room in your refrigerator and clear the dressing shelf. All five bottles of Twisted Ranch dressings are now available at Walmart. It's important to note that the flavors are for in-store purchases only. Before you hit the gas and race over to Walmart, contact your local store to make sure the bottles of ranch flavors that strike your fancy are in stock.

Once your fridge is full of all the revelatory ranch dressings, invite your friends over for the best taste testing of all time. Order the all of the pizzas, all of the chicken wings, and slice up every vegetable in the produce aisle. It's time for the most serious ranch dressing party of all time.