Twitter Gleefully Mocks 'The Art Of The Deal' After Trump Fails To Close His

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On Friday afternoon, the nascent Trump administration was dealt a body blow with the failure of its first major legislative goal, the Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. The bill ended up attacked from all sides — it was massively unpopular among the general public due to expectations it would raise health care costs for many and dump millions off their insurance, while simultaneously being unpopular among hard-line conservatives for not pulling back enough from the Affordable Care Acts subsidies and regulations. After the defeat, Twitter made The Art of the Deal trend to mock Trump's failure to, well, make a deal.

Attempts to get the bill through ended up relying on the president's legendary "dealmaking" abilities. Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump touted his ability to make good deals as the reason he should be president. He said that he would be able to negotiate and corral various interests into an agreement through the arm-twisting skills he'd developed as a real-estate developer.

In trying to pass the American Health Care Act, aides to House Speaker Paul Ryan lauded Trump's skills in bringing home the bill in the final hour, calling him "the ultimate closer." But if you look at Trump's tactics in this negotiation, it's hard to say that he's following his own advice. The writer of The Art of the Deal didn't seem to be that good at actually making his most important deal.

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