Twitter Is Loving Kellyanne Conway's Latest TV Fail

Fox News

On Wednesday afternoon, presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway took her game to a whole new level by using flash cards — you know, the kind you'd see on educational TV — on national television to make her point. The internet, being the internet, couldn't get enough. Some observers took it a step further, reimagining "Kelly's Cards" memes and tweets to mock President Trump, his administration, and oh so much more.

In the original image, Conway is speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News. She holds a card with the word "conclusion?" printed on the top and "collusion" on the bottom crossed out with a big red X. She says, "What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don’t have that yet."

She then offers up a card with "Illusion" and Delusion" written on it, arguing that's what she sees on offer — à la Sesame Street's word of the day.

Conway was on, of course, to defend the administration from the latest scandal to rock Trump: his son meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton which was purportedly straight from the Russian government -- a big no-no. The flashcards didn't serve up much of a defense, but they did result in these great memes.

1) Let's Clear Up The Popular Vote Winner Once And For All

Even Trump's crew has got to agree on this one.

2) A Method Behind The Madness?

A few theories on what the story is behind Trump Jr.'s emails.

3) Oh, The Good Old Days

This might be wishful thinking.

4) This One Calls For Emojis

Rhyming is effective, too.

5) This Could Be Conway's MO

There's no way she's doing this flashcard bit for free.

6) The Radar Shows More To Come

This storm is surely not over.

7) The Primary Is Over

But the Trump camp might be getting ready for 2020.

8) Free Association

That's what I would have said too.

9) A Bit Of Grammar

You know, it can't be bad to go over this rule one more time.

10) True Story

This one is a bit of a low blow.

11) The Real Conway Rhymes

The delivery works just about the same, except this time it makes sense.

12) Definitions Can Be Agreed Upon

13) In Case The Emails Aren't Connection Enough

There just needs to be some way to put it all together. Hopefully, Robert Mueller is good with puzzle pieces.

14) Can't Get Enough

These memes were so good that folks around the country were up late into the night playing with flashcards. I guess you can at least thank Conway for the creative inspiration.

Hopefully to Fox News viewers, Conway's messages were obviously oversimplified. But it couldn't hurt for purveyors of real facts to come up with some visual aids too.