Twitter Loves Kylie Cosmetics’ Royal Peach Palette

The year would feel incomplete if it ended without Kylie Jenner announcing a new addition to her cosmetics line. Just in time for everyone to get excited about the end of 2016, she's given everyone even more reason to want more Kylie Cosmetics in 2017, with her new Royal Peach KyShadow Palette.

The beauty mogul made the teaser announcement of the palette on Snapchat (would you really expect anything less of the social media star?) on Friday night, and this 2017 addition is already different from the others.

First of all, the shape is rectangular as opposed to square like her past palettes. That's simply because this palette includes not nine, but 12 — you read that right — 12 new shades. The palette also comes with a mirror and a brush. Sounds like the perfect set for when you're on the go and feeling peachy (see what I did there?). Surprisingly, this palette isn't simply a peach palette; in the preview alone, Jenner showed a green, purple, and blue eyeshadow shade. Who knows what else there could be in there! Jenner also mentioned that the palette was inspired by her peach eye makeup during New York Fashion Week.

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete Kylie Cosmetics preview, albeit a teaser, without beauty lovers reacting left and right to the new palette. Whether they're freaking out over what's to come or expressing their thoughts, check them out here!

Well, that's one way to get the palette.

Fans are freaking out.

Like, really freaking out.

Competition for Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette perhaps?

Point well made, ck.

You and a lot of others!

Jenner told her fans to check out her Snapchat on Monday to get the full reveal and more information on when the palette will be released. Stay tuned fans!

Image: Snapchat/Kylizzlemynizzl