Twitter Is Freaking Out About The New Quay x Desi Sunglasses

It's officially spring, and warmer weather is here — or on it's way, at least. That means new beauty and style launches are here, and one of the most exciting launches involved both — kind of. New Quay x Desi Sahara sunnies are coming, fans are lighting up Twitter with their response. The new design clearly has fans of the Quay x Desi High Keys scrambling to snag these brand new, festival perfect sunglasses.

Coming in three new colors, the Quay x Desi Sahara sunnies are perfect if you're looking for an updated sunnie with a bit of a 70s throwback, or if you're just a huge fan beauty guru Desi Perkins, you'll want them as soon as possible.

Thankfully, fans of both Perkins and Quay don't have to wait long until they can purchase the new Saharas. According to the Quay Australia Instagram page, the sunnies are set to launch on Apr. 3. As for the time, that is still yet to be determined, but hey, at least you know that you'll need some time carved out on Apr. 3 to snag these gorgeous new sunglasses.

Coming in yellow, orange faded, and olive, the shades are totally on trend, and fans are already stoked to get their hands on them. In fact, social media is lit with Perkins and Quay fans setting calendar notifications and lamenting their soon to be empty wallets.

Just like the High Keys, if the fan reaction to the Sahara sunnies are any indication, they'll be sold out fast and for good reason.

While the price hasn't been announced yet, my guess is that they'll be comparable to the High Keys which ring in at a moderately priced $60. It's a totally doable price point, and I'd bet the Sahara sunnies will stick with it.

Some fans are literally putting the launch date in their calendars, and honestly, it's not a bad idea.

Fans have basically resigned themselves to spending all of their paycheck. Let's be honest, while one pair is only $60, who can only buy just one pair?

It's going to be a party in the online retail world when fans are able to shop.

Even Khloe Kardashian is already in on the stellar launch that will be the Quay x Desi Sahara sunnies.

All it takes is one look at these beauties to know that your money is lost forever, but hey, you get these in return, so it's still a win.

Clearly, the Quay x Desi Sahara sunnies won't last long — though, I'd also place my money on a few restocks — during their initial launch. If you want to snag the hottest shades of the summer, set your alarms, grab your coffee, and continue to stalk Quay and Perkins' social media.