American Eagle Is Selling A Denim Hijab Now

Mall retailers are taking big steps toward fashion inclusivity. Teen-loved clothing retailer and brand American Eagle Outfitters is now selling a denim hijab. The denim hijab is a soft fabric and comes in an indigo wash. The head covering is available online right now for $19.95, with the product description encouraging shoppers to "Wear it your way. Make it as original as you are."

Everything about this is an emphatic "Yes!"

The fact that the brand is now selling denim hijabs is an excellent forward progress effort and offers another fashionable choice to women who wear this traditional item of clothing.

So many women aren't truly represented or considered when it comes to mainstream or mall fashion offerings; they often don't see something designed with them in mind while cruising the mall. The fact AE now sells a hijab is a critically important gesture, one that shows the brand embraces all walks of life, culture, style, and religion.

Model Halima Aiden, who was featured on the cover of Allure's July American Beauty issue wearing a hijab in a monumental first for the publication, posted AE's denim hijab on her personal Instagram, along with a clapping emoji to show her approval. She has also been featured in the company's advertising, looking absolutely breathtaking in her denim hijab.

Courtesy of American Eagle

Denim Hijab, $20, American Eagle Outfitters

This is fashion at its most powerful — when it is inclusive and accepting of others.

This is true American style on so many levels. The Twitterverse reacted to AE's hijab and the response is pretty stoked. Below is the one tweet so far that totally and completely sums things up.

Indeed, it's quite a look!

It surely is, as this Twitter user points out.

We definitely need to keep talking about this exciting development..

It's happening, indeed!

People truly are responding to this decision.

Here is another, closer look at the AE denim hijab.

Could Aden be anymore beautiful and comfortable in who she is? She is sending out such an impactful message to young girls everywhere and she is the perfect person to help push fashion inclusivity to the forefront.

Clearly, AE is reaching people with its recent efforts.