John McCain Is Being Destroyed On Twitter For His Health Care Vote

by Kelly Tunney
Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Tuesday, with the help of Vice President Mike Pence as the tiebreaker vote, the Senate moved to go forward with debate on an Obamacare repeal bill. All eyes were on Sen. John McCain, who had returned to the chamber after being diagnosed with brain cancer and was expected to either push the vote to a tie or kill the bill. In the end, the senator chose to keep in line with his Republican colleagues, and Twitter excoriated McCain for his health care vote.

Many people were especially frustrated with McCain's speech following the vote, which encouraged the Senate to work together and come up with a partisan bill, because that is not the message that his vote sent. Although he voted to open up debate, he used his speech to denounce the health care bill in its current form and call for an amended solution.

With his recent health diagnosis, many Americans have been lamenting the positive contributions that McCain has given to politics, emphasizing the humanity he has shown to those on the other end of the isle, even when he does not always agree with them. However, with this vote, many see him as a hypocrite—especially those who view the Republican health care bill as a vehicle for leaving people without coverage for preexisting conditions, much like the cancer McCain was just diagnosed with. While McCain relies on his own coverage for cancer treatment, they argue that others will have to do without for their health concerns.

Get Out Reference

People feel tricked by McCain.

But Trump Is Happy

Even if Americans aren't.

The Irony Of McCain's Vote

Some see it as a vote to take away others' health care while he's taking advantage of his own taxpayer-funded care.

It Contradicts His Speech

After the vote, McCain addressed the Senate, saying that he did not support the Republican health care bill as it stood. However, some felt that if he didn't support it, he shouldn't have voted to debate it.

'Maverick' John McCain

The senator's nickname was used against him.

Not A Good Ending

People were very disappointed with his vote.

The Irony Was Not Lost

Some hoped that he would see this and refuse to move the bill through.

A New Legacy

McCain's vote will likely be remembered regardless of whether Obamacare repeal passes.

A Hypocritical Speech

Voting to do one thing then deriding that same thing after doesn't always go over well.

A Message From A Cancer Survivor

There are still a lot of raw feelings left from Tuesday's vote to move forward with Obamacare repeal, and now it's up to McCain to make good on his promises to the people to hold an open debate on health care and bring Democrats in to the process to create a fix that will not harm people.