Twitter Thinks You're Officially An Adult If You Asked For Any Of These Christmas Gifts

Brandi Neal/Bustle; @sophiemilner_fs/Twitter

A few Christmases ago, I asked my mom for a Shark vacuum cleaner, and it's still the best gift I have ever received. Celebrating getting a vacuum for Christmas means I am now a grown-ass woman — and it's not the only gift that signals adulthood. According to Twitter, if you asked for any of these practical gift ideas, you're officially an adult, just in case there was any doubt. When you were a kid, gifts that weren't toys — like socks — were likely met with disdain. However, when you start adulting, gifts of silverware, bed sheets, and vacuum cleaners are the stuff that dreams are made of. People on Twitter can relate to that special holiday when you finally cross the threshold into adulthood by being grateful for a gift you actually need.

"You know you’re officially an adult when you ask your parents for a microwave and [two] umbrellas for Christmas," lifestyle blogger @sophiemilner_fs wrote on Twitter. When you're living on your own, everyday items like cleaning supplies, pot and pans, and even gas for your car can leave your broke AF. The holidays, and your birthday, are a great time to get some of this stuff for free.

I was at a boyfriend's house for Christmas one year when, much to my delight, I tore open a package of funky socks. "Oh, no! Brandi got boring socks," my boyfriend's niece exclaimed. "Actually, it's exactly what I wanted," I told her. "Trust me, you'll understand one day."

If you're over the moon about getting bath towels this year, congratulations on all of your adulting. Enjoy this milestone.

1. You Are Now Officially A Grown-Ass Woman

Mom, I basically need everything necessary to live in my own.

2. Boring Is Boss

A great way to make your holiday gift wish list is to look around your apartment and see what you don't have. Anything you need can definitely go on the list.

3. Seriously, the Shark

A person after my own heart. I have two dogs, so I get out my beloved Shark almost every day.

4. Clean Is Cool

When I moved into my first apartment, I didn't even have a vacuum. Now, I don't know what I'd do without one.

5. I Need A Thingy

Because, sometimes you just want to cut your fruit more quickly, but you're definitely not going to spend your own money on something as lame as an apple slicer.

6. So Over Roughing It

And, there comes a point when you want to be swaddled in comfort when you climb into bed at night after eating a slow-cooker meal.

7. Santa Baby, Clean My Windows

Seriously, I once had such bad windshield wipers that I almost had to stick my head out the window like Ace Ventura Pet Detective to see at all during the rain.

8. Adulting Is Expensive AF

And, can we talk about the price of area rugs? Good grief. This one definitely goes on the wish list.

9. To Thwart Identity Thieves

At some point, as you start to get more snail mail, and ripping it all up by hand becomes wicked tedious.

10. When You Cook Like A Grown Up

There also comes a point where you want perfectly steamed vegetables, just like mom used to make.

11. Can I Ask For Toilet Paper — Is That Wrong?

If you want to buy me a year's supply of toilet paper, I certainly won't stop you. Also, most of my drinking glasses are actually washed out kimchi jars ... hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

12. When You're On The Super Nice List

Seriously, a Vitamix is super expensive, and a most-coveted gift. If you get a Vitamix, you're not only an adult, but you are truly adored. I once had a roommate who had inherited a Vitamix from an ex-girlfriend. When she asked him if they could talk, the only thing he said was, "You're not taking the Vitamix." Vitamix = pure gold, and he did retain custody of our beloved blender.

13. I'm Too Old To Be Cold

For real. Who knew electric blanket were so expensive? They definitely go on a holiday wish list.

14. Show Me The Money, Mom & Dad!

Money is ALWAYS a welcome gift.

15. Stuff I Need ASAP

Satin pillow cases are actually really great for your hair. I have one. Santa, I'd like three more of these please.

16. When Laundry Is Exciting

Because, clean clothes are everything.

17. Pots & Pans Please

Can I get some cast-iron skillets? I'm tired of scraping food off of my cheap, discount-store pans.

18. Dear Santa ...

Please pay my bills for Christmas. I'll be your best friend!

19. Gimme Gas, That's All I Ask

Remember in Reality Bites when Winona Ryder's dad gives her a gas card to use for an entire year? This is a gift I can truly appreciate. Seriously, all I want for Christmas is not to be an adult anymore. Santa, please take me back in time. I'm all done adulting.