Two Target Fashion Brands Are Going Bye Bye

Courtesy of Target

It's legit like a New Year's resolution at Target RN — "Out with the old, in with the new." Upon announcing that it will introduce a dozen exclusive new brands over the next two years, with four of those arriving this fall, Target is phasing out two core fashion brands — Mossimo and Merona.

Gasp! No! Actually, yes.

The retailer has already begun retiring recognizable fan faves Mossimo and Merona from its aisles, according to the Wall Street Journal. Both brands have been part of the Target fashion world for years. But they are slowly going bye-bye to make room for more new brands and a fashion upgrade.

As someone who has shopped Mossimo for its long and lean tanks, its mix of classic American apparel and on-trend pieces, and who has purchased solid basics from Merona, let's take a moment to bid the brands farewell, although Allure notes that both brands will be fully phased out through the end of 2019. So there's still some time to stock up on classic (and eventually clearance) pieces that will never go out of style.

Target is debuting four new brands that will feature both women's and men's apparel and accessories. The new lines arrive in stores and online in early September, per the press materials Bustle received from Target.

Courtesy of Target

Boo-hoo! I absolutely loved the Mossimo tanks for layering, and now I have to find a replacement. I noticed the long and lean tanks were nowhere to be found about two months ago and thought something was up!

That said, here's a preview of the new Target brands, which I am super excited about browsing and shopping. While Mossimo served me well, I am all about a fashion brand refresh.

Courtesy of Target

There's A New Day, which Target deems "modern and classic." It focuses on mix-and-match style. That's a "yes" for me.

Courtesy of Target

JoyLab is a women's fitness-meets-fashion-and-function range, and will focus on edgier street styles. This line certainly piques my interest.

Goodfellow & Co. is a men's apparel and accessories brand focusing on fabrics and fit. The retailer hopes to become "top of mind" when men think of a go-to store for fashion. Target admitted that right now, dudes buy underwear, not clothes, at the big red bullseye.

Lastly, there is the cool-named Project 62, which the company labels "a modern home brand thoughtfully designed for everyday life."

These four brands are the first of many. So, why is Target making these changes? Simply put, it was time for a new fashion infusion.

"Our new brands are all about the changing face of our guests — what they need, what they're looking for from Target. When we took a close look at our existing assortment with this in mind, we saw a disconnect. We knew we'd need to refresh our offerings — and define new ones — so our guests continue to love what they're discovering at Target and want to keep coming back, again and again," said Target's Mark Tritton.

I'm in.