Two Dale Coopers Appeared In The 'Twin Peaks' Revival, Which Can Only Be An Ominous Sign

Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

There are plenty of creepy things lurking in every corner of the Twin Peaks revival, but it's the return of two major characters that most likely sent the biggest chills down the spines of everyone watching. Dale and Bob Cooper returned on Twin Peaks and both of these men seem to be going down very dark paths. Ultimately, it would appear the revival is setting up their clash to be one of the primary plots of this new series, which means there's going to be plenty of intrigue whenever Dale or Bob show up onscreen.

First, a quick refresher" In the original Twin Peaks series, fans learn that an evil spirit named Bob has the power to inhabit people's bodies and make them do horrible things. Bob possesses Laura Palmer's dad, Leland Palmer, and ultimately he ends up killing her. At the end of the second season of Twin Peaks, the good Dale Cooper is lured into The Black Lodge, the otherworldly dimension where spirits and supernatural entities can appear and he meets his evil doppelgänger. This doppelgänger not only escapes, leaving Dale trapped, but is also possessed by Bob.

Now, in the Twin Peaks revival, both Dale and Bob Cooper are back. It would appear Dale is calmly waiting for the right moment to escape The Black Lodge while Bob Cooper is a cold-blooded criminal. This should be interesting.


Let's deal with Dale first. Dale speaks to the Giant at the very beginning of Part 1. "Agent Cooper," the Giant tells him, "listen to the sounds. It is in our house now. Remember 430." As is to be expected in the world of Twin Peaks, this garbled message will most likely become clearer as the show progresses; for now, it sounds like nonsense, right? Except for that number, 430. I won't be forgetting that any time soon.

Dale, it would seem, is trying to get the hell out of The Black Lodge. He has run-ins not only with the Giant, but also with the One-Armed Man and Laura Palmer. All three of these characters give Dale cryptic messages about his situation and, frustratingly, none of them seem to have great leads.

The only character with a hot tip is a talking tree with what appears to be a brain or a mouth attached to it. It's able to tell Dale that in order for him to leave The Black Lodge, Bob has to come back. This, of course, is going to be easier said than done.

You see, while Dale was biding his time in another dimension, Bob was out in the real world having a grand old time. Well, grand by his standards. It actually seems like Bob is a hired gun or, at the very least, a busy petty criminal. He picked up two henchman, Greg and Daria, who go on the road to South Dakota with him.

Once there, Bob proceeds to kill the wife of a murder suspect in the town of Buckhorn, South Dakota. There appears to be no immediate connection between these two, but right now what matters is that Bob is a cold-blooded killer.

After some ne'er-do-well shenanigans, which include hiding a car which could be traced to Bob and offing a petulant Greg, Bob proceeds to take out Daria for attempting to stab him in the back. He kills her for her treachery after telling her he'll never go back to The Black Lodge. Then he drives out of town and through the desert, away from the mess he's made.

At the end of the first two parts of the Twin Peaks revival, Dale and Bob are still on separate paths, but they are cruising dangerously fast towards one another. Now that Dale appears to have been ejected from The Black Lodge, he may try to track down Bob and send him back to where he came from.

This could get messy.