This Subscription Service For Sparkling Water Will Make Your Millennial Heart Sing

by Carolyn de Lorenzo

If you’re anything like me, you revel in perfecting the art of millennial curmudgeonliness. Meaning that, whenever possible, I'd really rather not leave my house. Seriously, whatever’s happening, I’d probably rather be hanging with my dog while wearing comfy clothes, listening to Amy Winehouse, and eating tofu saag. To that end, there is nothing quite so wonderful as a really on point subscription service with an original angle — like, how Ugly Drinks subscription water service delivers flavored seltzers to your door. Seriously — how did I not know this was a thing?

According to the Ugly Drinks website, the setup is simple: choose your favorite seltzer flavors — either cherry, peach, or lemon lime — and select your delivery frequency. You can pause deliveries, change your schedule, skip orders, change up your flavors, or cancel whenever. And you get free shipping for all orders of three or more cases, so feel free to stock up. And flavored seltzer lovers take note: for just five bucks you can test run a trial box of 24 cans of your favorite flavor, so if you’re on the fence (and why oh why would you be?), you can test the service out before committing to a refill for $24. In terms of delivery frequency, you can select refills for either every 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, or 60 days.

Lindsay Miller writing for PopSugar tried out the service, and noted that millennials just won't be denied their sparkling water. And Ugly Drinks seltzers have no added sugars, so they’re super refreshing without being cloyingly sweet. But you still get to enjoy something treat-like and fruity, which is super fun and satisfying when it's eleventy-bajillion degrees out. PopSugar further notes that, per a recent taste test, the flavors are delicious without tasting artificial, “the bubbles are smooth and the carbonation isn’t crazy abrasive,” and the adorable packaging is deeply and utterly worthy of your Instagram feed.

Another impressive feature of the brand includes their partnership with Girl Up to “drive positive change and tackle the ugly truth of global gender inequality,” per the Ugly Drinks website. And for every Ugly Drink purchased, the brand donates one cent to Girl Up’s leadership program, which helps empower teen girls to take action for global gender equality. According to Girl Up’s website, the program oversees more than 2,200 girls clubs in over 100 countries, and has trained upwards of 40,000 teen girls as gender equality advocates and leaders worldwide.

The UK-based Ugly Drinks brand is available for purchase in a handful of spots along the East Coast, according to PopSugar — but with such a super fab delivery service on offer, there’s no need to leave the house. Or the office. Regardless, there’s really nothing more winning, to my mind, than receiving wonderful things in the mail, as I’m eternally a sucker for simple pleasures brought to my door. And with a portion of the proceeds going to the United Nations-powered Girl Up, there’s all the more reason to give this new service a try.