Sasha Obama's Legal Name Is Actually Natasha

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometimes you learn something that is just so unexpected, you have no words to express your emotions — that's how many felt this week when they learned that Sasha Obama's legal name is Natasha.

What is most surprising about this revelation is how Obama's father occupied one of the most visible jobs in America, and yet during his entire tenure as President of the United States, many of us had no idea that one of the first daughters has used a nickname.

So how did word get out? Although Obama is no longer in office, America is still very interested in the former First Family's whereabouts. Barack and Michelle have been spotted jetting around the world on a much-deserved vacation, and older daughter Malia has been busy interning with Harvey Weinstein before heading to Harvard. This weekend, Sasha turned 16 (doesn't that make you feel old?) and Refinery29 senior features writer Ashley Ford tweeted her memory of finding out about Sasha's full name.

On Sunday, Ford wrote, "Today is the one year anniversary of me finding out Sasha Obama's actual first name is Natasha." Ford, a popular voice on Twitter, was the one to break the news to many others, who then reacted with a surprise equal to that of the discovery. And it spread from there, revealing to many that after eight years as the first daughter, we are just now learning Sasha Obama's legal name.

Feel free to join in on the collective freaking out below.

The Tweet That Started It All

Ford dropped a bomb on Twitter, then let us all react.

It's True

Is there another Obama daughter we don't know about? Or have we been wrong this whole time? Apparently, the latter is true.

If The Conspiracy Queen Got Word

Can you hear the conspiracy theorists typing away?

Where Were You When You Found Out?

Like so many other historical moments that shook the nation, today will henceforth be a day of remembrance.

Tell Everyone You Know

Because everyone should be aware.


We're just surprised this was kept under wraps for so long, is all.

Malia, Please Tell Us

Can we trust any first daughter now?

Some Were Skeptical

We're just a little taken aback.

And It's Caused A Few Awkward Conversations

Your friends may not believe you at first.

But Now That We Know...

We'll be sure to remember this little piece of Obama trivia.

Turns out the name "Natasha" has been in the news before. When she worked at Nancy's, a seafood restaurant on Martha's Vineyard, last summer, Sasha used her legal name.

Hopefully there aren't any other big revelations from the Obamas that we have yet to find out about. One surprise discovery is all the Internet can handle.