Undocumented Teen Jane Doe Obtains An Abortion After Weeks Of Fighting The Trump Admin For One

On Wednesday, the undocumented teenage immigrant in Texas who's been locked in a legal struggle with the federal government over her reproductive rights has seen her saga come to an end. Less than 24 hours after a D.C. appeals court ruled in her favor, Jane Doe obtained the abortion the Trump administration blocked for weeks, terminating her pregnancy roughly three weeks before she would have passed the 20-week gestational mark, at which point the state of Texas would've prohibited her from doing so.

According to a press release posted by the ACLU, Jane Doe got the abortion on Wednesday morning. The Trump administration's Department of Health and Human Services had prevented her from doing so for weeks, leveraging the fact that the 17-year-old was living in a federally funded shelter in the Rio Grande Valley.

After the D.C. appeals court ruling, there was some concern on the part of pro-choice advocates and activists that the administration might try for a quick appeal to the Supreme Court to block the abortion again, with mere weeks before it would effectively be impossible for her to receive one in the Lone Star State. But that's over and done with now, as the young woman has reportedly now already exercised her reproductive rights.

Jane Doe herself released a statement attached to the ACLU's press release; you can read the entire thing below.

ACLU senior staff attorney Brigitte Amiri also commented in the press release, describing Wednesday's events as justice prevailing.

In short, for Jane Doe, this highly publicized legal battle has come to an end, and she's received the health care she so ardently wanted. It's worth noting, as many reproductive rights advocates have, that she isn't the only person to be affected by the Trump administration's policies on abortion. But for the past few weeks she became undoubtedly the highest profile representative of the issue, and it's ended with her finally doing what she set out to do.