Unexpected Holiday Gifts For Your S.O.

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Of all the people on your holiday list, there's a chance your significant other's gifts might be the hardest to shop for. Maybe you've only been dating for a few months and you're not quite sure what they're into yet, or maybe you've been together for so long that there isn't much you haven't already gotten for them already. Either way, it can feel like there's a lot riding on the gifts you pick out for them.

Before you work yourself into a cold sweat, breathe and ask yourself: "What does my S.O. do in his or her spare time?" It's the first question that'll set you on your path to finding the perfect gift. If your love just likes to chill at home, you've got a homebody — and that means you can look to gifts that'll make their nights in feel more special than a few hours on the couch.

On the other hand, if he or she can't stand the idea of spending a night in at all, you're dealing with an adventure-seeker, and whatever you gift should be the perfect companion for their journeys to come. Of course there's more to your S.O. than their hobbies, but it's always a good place to start. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, here's a few more unexpected gift ideas for your S.O. — whatever their interests might be. And remember, you've got this.

The Homebody

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Slippers; copper mug; cocktail shaker; throw set; humidifier

After all the movie nights and weekends spent at home, you know for a fact that you've got a homebody on your hands. While a new pair of sweats would be just fine for their next night in, surprise them with gifts that can elevate their time spent at home. Instead of grabbing a drink at a loud bar, gift them a cocktail shaker so they can make their faves at home. And to make couch time feel more special than a standard affair, plush throws and slippers set a cozy mood.

The Luxe Lover

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Hair dryer; champagne flute; manicure set; skin care set; shoulder bag

A little luxury is always appreciated by your bae, so the pressure might be on to go over the top this holiday season. But no need to stress or spring for a pricey trip to an exotic island (or something equally out of your budget). Sometimes the little luxuries are just as appreciated. A high-end skin care gift set or a designer carry all tote will put a twinkle in their eye without putting a dent in your wallet.

The Adventure-Seeker

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Backpack; travel charger; sneakers; travel pillow; travel bags

There's never a dull moment between you too, so whatever you decide to gift needs to keep up. Whether you're taking a couple's weekend trip or your better half is off on a solo trek across Europe, look for essentials like a travel adapter, durable backpack, or comfy sneakers that can go along for the journey.

The Self-Care Expert

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Body butter; facial mist; facial cleanser; perfume; skin care set

As much as you love spending time together, your S.O. knows the benefit of alone time. Whether it's a skin care kit for an at-home spa-night or the tools for a DIY manicure, find gifts that support his or her self-care.

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