This Bio-Degradable Glitter Is Made Of Plant Starch So You Can Sparkle Responsibly

You can now shimmer all summer long without feeling the guilt that comes with buying glitter made from micro-plastics. Unicorn Snot BIO is a new line of sparkle-packed beauty products made from a new type of cosmetic bioglitter that's made from plant starches. And the exciting thing is that these bio glitter flecks are even more luminous than traditional glitter.

The Unicorn Snot BIO line is cruelty-free and consists of three products: BIO Sunscreen, BIO Glitter Gel, and BIO Lip Gloss. "There’s a guilt around glitter now that we all realize it’s made from micro-plastics, and BIO helps solve that problem," founder Alyssa Zeller Feinberg said in a press release.

When Unicorn Snot's Glitter Sunscreen became viral in the summer of 2018, fans embraced the glitter craze but also called for biodegradable glitter options. Shoppers were worried about leaving behind micro-plastics at the beach or when they washed off the shimmery products in the shower.

Glitter is made from reflective plastic cut from large, aluminum covered sheets. Just like the plastic bag that you throw out, these tiny pieces won't break down on their own, and will eventually end up polluting the environment. While fans were excited about the original Unicorn Snot line, social media users highlighted their guilt about contributing to the micro-plastics floating around in the ocean and disrupting eco-systems. Unicorn Snot listened.

"Fans made it pretty clear that they wanted biodegradable glitter and it feels great to finally be delivering it," Feinberg tells Bustle. One year later, even though there are no current regulations around the sale of glitter, the brand is fulfilling its promise by creating an eco-friendly spin-off line. "It was actually pretty exciting to realize that we were in a unique position to move the needle on that problem, and we promised our community that we’d deliver a biodegradable option," Feinberg said in a release.

The 14-person team at Unicorn Snot spent a year researching the relationship between glitter and the environment, playing with organic materials, and working with industry leaders in order to create quality glitter that didn't contribute to the earth's waste problem.

“We knew from the beginning that we would only do this if we could make bioglitter products that looked just as magical and sparkly as our flagship line," Feinberg explained in the release. “What's surprising is that we think we might have surpassed it with BIO. It’s got this other-wordly glow that has all of us super excited.”

In the eco-friendly collection, the BIO Glitter Sunscreen is a sunscreen that has SPF 30 and a fun galactic sparkle. It is water resistant up to 80 minutes, is made with hydrating natural beeswax, and has a faint cotton candy smell. It also goes on white but rubs in translucent, giving you a dreamy sparkle finish.

The BIO Glitter Gel is a multi-purpose gel that adds sparkle all over your body. You can swipe the shimmering gel onto your face as a highlight, in your hair for glitter roots, or on your body for an extra boost of sparkle.

The BIO Lip Gloss is a cotton candy-scented lip gloss with a lightweight, non-sticky formula. You can pop it over your lipstick to give your smile a high shine shimmer.

Unicorn Snot BIO glitter sunscreen went on sale on June 18 on BIO Glitter Gel and Glitter Lip Gloss are landing on June 25. If you love glitter and have been looking for a sustainable version, Unicorn Snot has delivered.