Twitter Photoshopped Ivanka Into Historical Moments & The Memes Really Deliver

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images News/Getty Images; Twitter/Erin Gloria Ryan

Trump family memes are back again. Over the weekend, a short video clip showing the president's eldest daughter engaged in a visibly awkward conversation with world leaders at the G20 summit in Japan went viral on Twitter. In response, users began photoshopping Ivanka Trump into historic photographs, using #UnwantedIvanka as a hashtag rallying call.

The video clip was first posted by BBC journalist Parham Ghobadi, Business Insider reports. It's short and lacks context, but shows Trump speaking — or attempting to speak — with people like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, among others. But in the video clip, the leaders don't appear particularly interested in giving Trump any time to contribute to the conversation.

Trump is heard trying to make a point about gender inequality as it relates to "defense," but the video is too short to know exactly what she's talking about. The other leaders in the frame appear uncomfortable giving her too much attention — one person speaks over her, and another seems to avoid holding eye contact.

That short clip was the only thing that the people of the internet needed to launch a new meme trend, spearheaded by writer Erin Ryan. Now, doctored photos of Trump show the first daughter imposed on album covers, sitcoms, and even the moment Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into the presidency.

The Surrender Of Japan

In one iteration of the meme, Trump is seen pushing her hair behind her ear as world leaders await the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II.

Photobombing Muhammad Ali

Trump peers into the boxing ring as Ali trounces Sonny Liston.

A Royal Wedding

One user shared a photo of Trump standing aside Prince Harry — in a wedding dress, as he holds hands with Meghan Markle, also in a wedding dress.

Trump On Mount Rushmore

Although she isn't and hasn't been president, one user imagined Trump imposed on Mount Rushmore.

Memes Can Be A Family Affair

Remember that viral orb photo? One user wondered what it might have looked like if President Trump's eldest daughter was present.

Trump + Einstein?

One version of the meme showed the first daughter posing in a photo with Albert Einstein.

Trump In Historical Art

One user took "Photoshopping" to a whole new level.

American Gothic

What if Trump appeared in fine art?

Seriously, So Many Options

There seemed to be a Trump photo for every historical moment.

Her Heart Will Go On

Would she have fit on the door?

The Real Deal?

Some users threw real photos into the mix.

Crashing John And Yoko

One user imagined Trump as a committed pacifist, protesting with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Trump In The Civil Rights Movement

One user imagined what it would be like if Trump was present for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speeches.

That Iconic Selfie

What if Trump got in on that iconic selfie from the 2014 Oscars?

In the internet age, even the smallest moment can turn into a bona fide meme opportunity. Users on Twitter made clear that #UnwantedIvanka was just another opportunity to poke some fun at high-profile figures working in the political sector.