Upgrade Your Crap With These 37 Genius Things Under $35 On Amazon

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Adulting can be tough when you're on a budget: You spend your hard-earned money trying to keep your kitchen stocked, your home organized, and your life in check. But let's be honest — a lot of the products you buy to keep things in order don't always work right. Well, you must not be searching for the genius things on Amazon that'll give your space a major boost.

You'd be amazed how many products are out there that are so simple and affordable, yet result in major quality-of-life upgrades. I'm talking about things like steel cutlery to take with you to work or smart notebooks to replace your cheap legal pads. Also, convenience items are big on this list — things like coffeemakers with built-in personal mugs, ice packs you can strap on your body, or water flossers that can be tossed in your travel bag. All of these things are relatively affordable, yet lead to significant increases in happiness and well-being.

To help you out in your quest for nicer things, I've made a list of affordable products on Amazon that fit the bill — all of which cost less than $35. I've included kitchenware, electronics, cosmetics cleaning products, and other everyday items, too. I also rounded up a few storage items to help you keep everything organized.

Take a look and prepare for your life to get more awesome.

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