Urban Decay's Original Naked Palette Is Being Discontinued

Today marks a sad, sad day within the beauty world. One of the makeup's most iconic products is leaving beauty junkies forever, and it's retirement is a tragic loss. The Urban Decay Original Naked Palette is being discontinued. No, you're probably not the only one who just gasped aloud at the news. While the feeling of loss may never never fade, there is a bit of good news to go along with the devastating discontinuation.

What could possibly mend your broken beauty heart? Well, the palette isn't completely gone just yet. You can stock up on the shadows before it disappears, but that's not even the best part. Urban Decay has reduced the cost of the palette to just $27. That's half of the product's original price. If you want to get those iconic shades like Virgin and Naked back in your collection, now is your chance. In fact, now's the time to shop for more than one.

You may, however, want to move quickly. Given the iconic status of the original Naked Palette and it's newly discounted price tag, the eyeshadows may not last very long on the brand's site. If you want to stock up on the palette, now's the time to do so.

If, however, the Urban Decay site runs out of the OG Naked Palette, don't panic quite yet. Obviously, the brand is sold in major retailers like Ulta and Sephora. Just like with the Urban Decay website, both of the retailers have the eyeshadow palette on sale for the same $27 price tag. As of press time, none of the three Naked Palette retailers are out of stock, so move quick and get these beauties before they've disappeared from the beauty world forever.

As for how fans are taking the news? Not well. Sure, they're excited for the discounted price. The real magic of the Naked Palette, however, appears to be in the memories behind the shades. Not only was this Urban Decay's original piece of the Naked series, but it spawned palette after palette after palette. OG Urban Decay fans are mourning the loss.

For some, there could be tears involved in parting with the palette.

Others have more altruistic concerns wondering what happens to the next generation of beauty lovers who won't live in a world where the original Naked Palette exists? The horror!

For some, it's a personal attack on their every day makeup routines. They were such good neutrals. RIP Naked neutrals.

The memory of the Naked Palette will live on in the hearts and minds of beauty junkies everywhere.

If you want to say goodbye to the iconic Urban Decay Naked Palette, now is your final chance. If you've hit pan on your favorite shades or just can't imagine a world where you can't find the palette on shelves, the brand is giving you one last chance to stock up (and for a discount). Wave goodbye to the OG Naked Palette, add one (or four) more to your collection, and maybe, just maybe, you can delay the pain for just a bit.