This AOL Tee Has Twitter Reminiscing About Dial-Up

If you're looking for a shirt to wear with your beloved Calvin Klein sports bra and Tommy Jeans denim, then this is the one for you. The days of dial-up might be behind us, but Altru Apparel's AOL shirt for Urban Outfitters proves the nostalgia for the era is real. The classic tee will have the words "you've got mail" stuck in your head all day long.

Right about now would be a great time to start digging in the back of your closet. Screen names and a dial-up connection just got cool again, but this time you'll be wearing a nod to the days of web culture gone by instead of waiting forever for your internet to connect. Urban Outfitters is selling an AOL shirt that will bring back the memories of days before WiFi. The tee was designed by Altru Apparel and has the triangle-shaped AOL symbol with the words "American Online" on it. The crew neck and rolled-up sleeves will take you right back to the good 'ole days.

The only downside to the whole launch is the AOL Shirt is set at $45, which is basically just a little more than a month of dial-up would have actually been. Even if you're not set on buying the top, it will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Altru Apparel Tee, $45,

This isn't the only throwback top that the brand is selling either. Along with the AOL design, they also added a MySpace tee to the site as well. The $39 tee has your first "friend" Tom on it and says "friends forever" down the sleeves. This design is also made by the brand Altru Apparel.

Altru Apparel Tee, $45,

The nostalgia is real with fans on Twitter. Fans are obsessed with these tees and all of the memories that they bring back.

OG member right here.

I bet you're wishing you saved your old AOL shirt now too.

Hashtag on point.

Apparently not everyone loves the MySpace one though.

If you ask me, both of these shirts deserve a space in your top eight.