Urban Outfitters' Furniture Sale Includes Up To 40% Off Couches, Tables, & Other Home Decor Needs

If you're in the market for some seriously Instagram-worthy home goods, I've got good news for you: All of Urban Outfitter's furniture section is on sale for up to a casual 40 percent off today — but literally, just for today. (I guess this might be considered bad news for your wallet, but here we are.) They've got sleeper sofas, rustic-chic dressers, geometric floor poufs, and every other kind of home décor your grown-ass lady apartment could be in want of.

The sale just applies to the store's online offerings, and again, is only in effect today. As someone in the process of replacing all the hand-me-downs used to kickstart my adult life, this sale is particularly exciting — just look at all the velvet couches, for starters. There are some epic deals in the mix, like this storage stool-slash-plant holder-slash-whatever you need it to be, on sale for $59 from $98. Even the inflatable glitter bubble chair that feels specifically engineered to tug on my '90s baby heartstrings is on sale for a cool $34.

If you really need to fill that empty corner in your apartment, or upgrade your box spring to a grown up bed frame (hello, it me), this sale might have just what you need. Check out some extremely exciting picks below, and the rest of the sale here.

1This Rustic-Chic Dresser

Amelia 6-Drawer Dresser

Urban Outfitters

Looking at this dresser makes me feel like I'm in a cabin in Vermont circa 1986 and I'm about to go skiing, even though I'm actually just at my desk.

2This Versatile Storage Unit

Marte Storage Cabinet

Urban Outfitters

If you are at a lack for closet space, or really any kind of storage space, this gorgeous unit can help you store your belongings in the chicest way. (It also comes in white, which I'm similarly obsessed with.)

3A Platform Bedframe

Amelia Platform Bed

Urban Outfitters

It's 2018, and you deserve to get your mattress off the floor — and not just onto a box spring.

4This Cozy AF Sleeper Sofa

Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa

Urban Outfitters

This sofa is like if your college bean bag got a seriously grown up upgrade, and you could actually let your guests sleep on it.

5This Credenza Eleganza

Ema Low Credenza

Urban Outfitters

Is there anything more adult than owning a ~credenza~? You can store books, vinyl, or even small sculptures in this piece's nooks.

6A Lux AF Couch

Marcella Velvet Sofa

Urban Outfitters

They say a good couch is hard to find and boy, does this seem like a good couch. Velvet couches are shaping up to be the trend of the year, so this piece might be a quick and easy way to get in on the buzz.

7This Major Tropical Vibes Chair

Maya Circle Chair

Urban Outfitters

This circle chair is the definition of eclectic. And, thanks to its sculptural design, you won't be tempted to use it to dump all your once-worn clothes on it. (Or, at least hopefully, right?)

8A Versatile Writing Surface

Mina Folding Desk

Urban Outfitters

This folding desk is perfect for small spaces that are light on writing surfaces (or even kitchen prep surfaces, say).

9A Chic Storage Solution

Ari Counter Table

Urban Outfitters

If you have a random long wall in your apartment, this narrow table is perfect to add an extra dimension to the space, not to mention three extremely useful storage shelves.

10A Retro-Chic Ottoman

Isolde Chenille Ottoman

Urban Outfitters

This ottoman will cozy up any corner of your abode.

11This Sculptural Shelf

Libby Round Shelf

Urban Outfitters

Can we just talk about the storage solutions in this sale? Because I'm straight up obsessed.

12This Library Vibes Chair

Inez Tufted Velvet Chair

Urban Outfitters

This is the coziest thing I've seen in my dang life and I will not be convinced otherwise!!!

13A Super Smol Side Table

Mae Bean Side Table

Urban Outfitters

This side table is literally a smol bean, and I need one in every corner of my house.

Honestly, just take a gander at all the stuff on sale for the rest of the day and feast your eyes. Even if you don't technically *need* that new ottoman, holy heck is it pretty — and on sale. Happy shopping, y'all.