16 Home Decor Items You'll Want To Buy At The Huge Urban Outfitters Sale Right Now

by James Hale

"Cozy" may be a word commonly associated with curling up by the fire and napping the winter days away in warm flannel sheets, but just because it's summer doesn't mean we have to give cozy up yet. And Urban Outfitters is having a home and decor sale that will make having a cozy (and stylish AF) summer super easy.

Urban Outfitters has a seriously diverse range of decor options, and since the brand frequently offers discounts across the entire category, it's easy to mix and match, say, tropical throw pillows with neon kitchen utensils and a ridiculously fluffy rug. The excellent thing about this sale is that there are enough cohesive pieces for you to redo entire rooms if you want a summer makeover, or you can just pick up a few statement pieces—and wow there are statement pieces. Some of which are included on this list, because let's be real, there's nothing better than a cozy statement item.

The items on this list range from downright, outright cozy pieces like blankets and cuddle-worthy pillows, to items that can turn even the smallest living space into a design dream that will be the epitome of cozy all through this summer and beyond.


Whether you're looking to deck out your bed, add some color to your walls, or are on the hunt for a statement piece to make your space perfectly homey, this sale has pretty much everything. Here's to the cozy life, y'all.