Urban Outfitters’ Kitchen & Barware Sale Is Full Of Instagrammable Finds For $4.99 And Up

Hands down, one of the best things about shopping for your home or apartment is kitchenware. I don't know why, but cool little kitchen gadgets are just so much fun — why not bring even more joy to the room where it (eating) happens? If you're hosting, your guests will certainly appreciate being able to enjoy drinks out of cool cups and there'll be no danger of mixing anyone's beverages up — how can you mistake a sloth-covered pint glass with one that has Bob Ross' face on it? Luckily, Urban Outfitters is having a Kitchen and Barware sale that includes those exact items and tons more, and you can find items priced as low as $4.99.

From bar carts to adorable mugs to 12-piece dining sets, this sale seriously has anything you could possibly dream of adding to your kitchen. In fact, with nearly 80 items on sale, it's probably going to be hard to decide between which items to choose — trust me, your cart will fill up fast. It never hurts to treat yourself every once in awhile though, and you honestly deserve a mini waffle bowl maker (you'll never worry about what to have for breakfast again). Read on for some must-have super affordable kitchen and bar items, and get your hands on them while this glorious Urban Outfitters sale lasts.

1Disco Star Sipper Cup

Disco Star Sipper Cup

Urban Outfitters

Make your kitchen shine a little with this adorable golden star cup. The container is insulated and food-safe, the lid has a handy lock feature, and that great curly straw is included in your order.

2Cookie Shot Maker

Cookie Shot Maker

Urban Outfitters

This incredible little creation is an Urban Outfitters exclusive. The product comes with 6 flexible blue silicone molds that create shot glass shaped cookies, and UO recommends satisfying your sweet tooth cravings by filling your cookie-glasses up with fill with "anything from milk or melted marshmallow to buttercream or melted chocolate." A mini melting pot with an easy-pour lid is included to make it even easier.

3Foiled Zodiac Mug

Foiled Zodiac Mug

Urban Outfitters

Because why not get a mug dedicated to your sign? It'll remind you to check your horoscope over coffee before you start the day.

4Sloth Pint Glass

Sloth Pint Glass

Urban Outfitters

This one is simply adorable. Why didn't anyone think of putting sloths on a pint glass before? The sloth glasses are also 2 for $12 while the sale lasts, so get your hands on 'em as soon as possible.

5Mini Waffle Bowl Maker

Mini Waffle Bowl Maker

Urban Outfitters

I think we all need a waffle maker in our lives--combining breakfast and dessert has never been easier. The product is currently $6 off and comes in a gorgeous turquoise color.

6Rockaway 12-Piece Dining Set

Rockaway 12-Piece Dining Set

Urban Outfitters

If you're about to move into your first apartment and finally need some non-plastic bowls and plates--a mark of officially adulting — or simply want some upgraded kitchenware, this dining set is perfect for you. This classic set includes four dinner plates, four dessert plates, and four bowls, and you can get them in grey or a sea foam green color. It's $20 off during the sale--don't miss out.

7Compact Air Fryer

Compact Air Fryer

Urban Outfitters

This one may be a little bit of a splurge, but if fried food is your kryptonite it just might be worth the investment. A regular air fryer can cost up to $150, so this product is perfect if you're looking for a smaller one. No oil is required to fry up your favorites in this appliance, according to the product page it's as simply as adding your potatoes or whatever else you dream of frying, putting it in the crisper tray, and plugging it in. Your delicious snacks will be ready soon after.

8Stainless Steel Travel Canister

Stainless Steel Travel Canister

Urban Outfitters

This minimal marble canister is perfect for taking your drink on the go. It features insulated stainless steel to keep your beverage at an ideal temperature all day and has a secure twist-top so you can easily store it in your bag.

9Assorted Colorblock Flute Glass - Set of 4

Assorted Colorblock Flute Glass - Set of 4

Urban Outfitters

These whimsical champagne flutes are $10 off, and they're just too cute not to buy. They're a Urban Outfitters exclusive, and your guests will definitely appreciate the assorted colors helping them keep track of whose drink is whose.

10Babe Mug

Babe Mug – Light Pink

Urban Outfitters

This adorable mug is definitely a steal. I know I'll feel better enjoying my coffee knowing the mug was just over five bucks.

11Marbled Ceramic Large Food Storage Bowl

Marbled Ceramic Large Food Storage Bowl

Urban Outfitters

Store your food in style with this marbled container. The large bowl is perfect for taking to events or holding leftovers, and it comes with secure, lock-tight plastic lid complete with a heat-releasing valve.

12Tea-Rex Tea Infuser

Tea-Rex Tea Infuser

Urban Outfitters

Make your tea a little reminiscent of the land before time with this cute T-Rex tea infuser. It's made of flexible silicone and has stainless steel chain, so it'll hang easily in your favorite mug. All you have to do is fill the T-Rex up with with loose leaf tea and steep it in hot water until your tea is ready.

13Metallic Ombre Stemless Flute Glass - Set Of 2

Metallic Ombre Stemless Flute Glass - Set Of 2

Urban Outfitters

These chic mugs are perfect for hosting a fancier event. The metallic ombre design looks even better when it's filled with some bubbly.

14Stranger Things Friends Don't Lie Mug

Friends Don’t Lie Mug

Urban Outfitters

This affordable mug would definitely be Eleven-approved — especially when paired with some Eggo waffles for breakfast.

15Bacon Bowl Maker


Urban Outfitters

Bacon lovers, your dream product has arrived. This retro-looking product is another UO exclusive item — cook up two bacon bowls at a time in the non-stick product surfaces. You can put eggs, veggies, and even mac and cheese in your adorable bacon bowls, snap a few shots of your restaurant-worthy creation, and enjoy.